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Summer and Fall Flowering Plants for Michigan Gardens - Detroit
To insure a little color in late summer and early fall, be sure to include a tree, shrub and/or climber from the list of summer and fall flowering plants for Michigan  ...
10 Top Fall Blooming Flowers for the Perennial Garden - Gardening
For fall bloomers to be hardy in your garden, you need to plant and establish them earlier in the season. Here are some top picks for fall blooming perennial ...
Planting Fall Flowers for Autumn Colors - Landscaping - About.com
Many homeowners think that planting fall flowers necessarily means limiting yourself to hardy species -- plants that will survive the first frost. Such hardy plants  ...
Perennial Plants to Cut Back or Prune in the Fall
It can be nice to leave some perennials standing for winter interest. But many perennial plants don't survive rough weather well. These plants should be cut back ...
Grow Perennial Aster Flower Plants for Fall Blooms - Flowers
This flower, in response to the shortening days of fall, gives gardeners a carpet of daisy-like flowers on a compact plant from August through September.
Late Blooming Perennial Flowers for Fall Color
Many fall blooming perennial flowers display jewel tone blossoms that complement the fall foliage ... The choice of fall blooming perennial plants keeps growing.
Chrysanthemums and Hardy Mums - Colorful Fall Flowers
The chrysanthemums covered here are hardy mums, a good choice for fall flowers in the North. ... These plants are usually considered herbaceous perennials.
Five Fall Plants for Container Gardens - Container Gardening
Here are five fall plants that can turn your garden planters into great fall decorations. ... Many verbenas are hardy down to 15 F and will continue flowering even ...
Tall Flowering Plants for Fall - Gardening - About.com
Often we don't think about fall flowers until are gardens start to fade before the season is over. It's true these plants don't add a lot to the garden during summer,  ...
Growing Hardy Mums - Chrysanthemums for Your Garden - Gardening
Too often mums are an impulse buy at the nursery in fall, when already in bloom late in ... Perennial Plants - Info on Growing and Using Popular Perennial Plants  ...
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