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Michigan Legal Fireworks Laws and Safety - Detroit - About.com
Fireworks in Michigan – Legal Fireworks in Michigan under the Michigan Fireworks Safety Act include consumer fireworks, low-impact fireworks and novelty ...
What Are Michigan's Fireworks Laws? - Detroit - About.com
... What Are Michigan's Fireworks Laws? Which Fireworks are Legal Michigan? Which fireworks are illegal without a permit and will subject you to a misdemeanor?
What Fireworks Are Legal in Florida? - Miami - About.com
The only fireworks legal for use by consumers who don't possess a special permit are those that fall into the category known as "sparklers". This includes items ...
What Fireworks Are Legal and Illegal in South Carolina? - Charlotte
South Carolina does have fairly loose fireworks laws. Find out all you need to know here, including what's legal and illegal, and how to obtain a permit.
North Carolina Fireworks Laws: Legal vs Illegal
North Carolina does have some fairly strict fireworks laws. Find out all you need to know here, including what's legal and illegal, and how to obtain a permit.
Are Fireworks Legal in Arizona? - Phoenix - About.com
Are Smoke Balls and Cones legal in Phoenix? Read about the current fireworks law in Arizona.
Are Firecrackers Legal in Phoenix? Arizona Fireworks Laws
They are illegal in Arizona unless you have obtained a permit as part of a permitted fireworks display. If you ignore the law, be prepared to be penalized/ fined.
Las of Vegas Fourth of July Fireworks Laws - Las Vegas - About.com
However just because the fireworks are legal where they were purchased does not mean they are in Clark County. Each year during the 4th of July holiday, tens  ...
Are Fireworks Legal in New York State? - Long Island, NY - About.com
Everyone enjoys the sight of soaring fireworks exploding into brilliant hues that light up the night sky, especially at times like the Fourth of July on Long Island.
Oklahoma City Fireworks Laws and Safety Information
Purchasing and lighting personal fireworks can also be great fun if done in a legal and responsible way. After all, fireworks can be very dangerous and cause  ...
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