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How to Copy a Music CD - Backing Up Audio CDs - Digital Music
If you've got a collection of original music CDs that you'd like to protect from damage (such as scratches), then creating backup copies is a good solution.
How to Burn a Music CD With Windows Media Player 11
Even though digital music can be stored on CD-R or CD-RW as data files ( commonly referred to as an MP3 CD), it is sometimes useful to create an audio CD.
How to Copy CD to iPod & iPhone Using iTunes
The method by which you get music from your CDs to your iTunes library and thus to your iPod or iPhone is a process called ripping. When you rip a CD, you're  ...
Lossless Audio Formats for Ripping and Storing Music CDs
Using a lossless format when ripping your original audio CDs ensures that you have a perfect digital copy. This can be a great backup strategy just in case your  ...
How to Rip Music From CDs Using Windows Media Player 11
If you've amassed a collection of physical audio CDs that you now want to transfer to your portable music player, then you will need to extract (or rip) the audio ...
What Audio Formats Can I Rip a CD to? - Digital Music - About.com
Find out in this iTunes FAQ what audio formats you can choose from in order to rip your music CDs. Additionally, this frequently asked questions article also ...
A Tutorial on Ripping Audio CDs in iTunes - Digital Music - About.com
iTunes makes it easy for anyone to convert their favorite CDs into digital music files that can be played via computer or iPod. Find out how easy it is to convert ...
Best Free Burning Software - Digital Music - About.com
Even though software media players such as iTunes, Winamp, and Windows Media Player are able to burn music to CD, you will have probably discovered that ...
Ripping / Burning CDs With Windows Media Player
A step-by-step tutorial/lesson on how to rip or copy music/tunes from a CD by using Windows Media Player.
Is CD Ripping Legal? - Digital Music - About.com
According to the RIAA web site, it's acceptable to make a copy of an original CD as digital music files or to burn a single copy for your own private use, but not to ...
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