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Federalism: National vs. State Government
While each of the 50 states has its own constitution, all provisions of state constitutions must comply with the U.S. Constitution. For example, a state constitution ...
Which State Was the First to Incporporate Gun Rights? - Civil Liberties
Pennsylvania became the first American state to grant its citizens gun rights when its state constitution took effect in 1776. However, the Pennsylvania ...
First Amendment & Federalism - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
Many opponents of church/state separation try to defend actions by state and local ... Because state governments were free to ignore the American Constitution , ...
The Federalist Papers No. 58 - US Government - About.com
Those who urge the objection seem not to have recollected that the federal Constitution will not suffer by a comparison with the State constitutions, in the security ...
Church & State in the Constitution - Agnosticism / Atheism - About.com
The principle of the separation of church and state in America is derived from the Constitution, but not everyone agrees on whether this is legitimate.
Understanding the Ballot Initiative Process
Ballot initiatives are an example of direct democracy in the United States, in which citizens may propose legislative measures or amendments to state constitutions.
U.S. Supreme Court Jurisdiction - US Government - About.com
The Constitution of the United States is a carefully balanced document. It is designed to provide for a national government sufficiently strong and flexible to meet ...
The U.S. Constitution: Articles, Amendments and Preamble
Requires that each state must respect the laws of all other states. Article IV ... Defines the Constitution as the supreme law of the United States Article VII - ...
The Federalist Papers No. 39 - US Government - About.com
According to the constitution of every State in the Union, some or other of the officers of government are appointed indirectly only by the people. According to ...
The Federalist Papers No. 44 - US Government - About.com
The two former are expressly prohibited by the declarations prefixed to some of the State constitutions, and all of them are prohibited by the spirit and scope of ...
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