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Schedule, Results and Medal Count for 2014 Michigan Olympic Athletes

Competing in Sochi


Jilleanne Rookard competes at the U.S. Speedskating Championships on December 27, 2009

Jilleanne Rookard competes at the U.S. Speedskating Championships on December 27, 2009

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Of the athletes representing Michigan at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, several will bring home world records and/or Olympic medals. Whether the following athletes were born, raised or trained in the state, we are claiming them as our own in the Schedule, Results and Medal Count for 2014 Michigan Olympic Athletes.

Note: For more information about each athlete, including his/her ties to the state, check out the list of 2014 Detroit and Michigan Olympic Athletes.



Michigan isn't really involved in producing or training bobsled athletes, but the sport of baseball manages to attract at least one Olympic bobsled athlete to the state: Elana Meyers.

Results: In the Women's Two-Person Bobsleigh event, Elana Meyers ranked 1st in the first three heats and 2nd in Heat 4, which earned her a SILVER MEDAL.


Figure Skating

The Detroit Skating Club trains several 2014 Olympic Athletes, including a men's figure skater: Jeremy Abbott.


  • In the Team Men Short Program, Abbott finished 7th and earned TEAM USA 4 points.
  • In the Men Short Program, Abbott finished 15th.
  • In the Men Free Skating, Abbott finished 12th.


Ice Dancing

Michigan figures prominently in the Ice Dancing events at the 2014 Winter Olympics. Not only do we attract athletes to train in the state, there are several athletes born and/or raised here. 

Results by athlete:

  • Evan Bates & Madison Chock:
    • In the Short Dance, they finished 8th.
    • In the Free Dance, they finished 8th.
    • Overall, they finished 8th.
  • Meryl Davis and Charlie WhiteBRONZE MEDAL and GOLD MEDAL
  • Alex & Maia Shibutani
    • In the Short Dance, they finished 9th.
    • In the Free Dance, they finished 9th.
    • Overall, they finished 9th.


Ice Hockey (Men's)

The US team includes several people from Michigan, including Dan Bylsma (coach), Cam Fowler, Ryan Kesler and Ryan Miller. Jimmy Howard, the starting goalie for the Detroit Red Wings, is also on the team.

Schedule and Results


Two of the athletes competing in Snowboarding events are from in or around the Metro-Detroit area, while the third (Nick Baumgartner) is from the Upper Peninsula.

  • Nick Baumgartner Results
  • Danny Davis: In the Halfpipe Finals, he finished 10th.
  • Karly Shorr: In the Ladies' Slopestyle Finals, she finished 6th


Speed Skating

The Metro-Detroit area produces more than its fair share of speed skaters. Three women from the area will compete in several events.


  • Kelly Gunther and Jilleanne Rookard will compete in the Ladies' Team Pursuit that takes place on Friday & Saturday, February 21st and 22nd.


  • Kelly Gunther: In the Ladies' 1000m, she finished 33rd.
  • Jilleanne Rookard (3000m & 1500m events)
  • Jessica Smith (Short Track): 
    • In the Ladies' 500m Heats, she came in 4th in her group.
    • In the Ladies' 1500m, she came in 7th overall. 
    • In the Ladies' 1000m, she came in 4th overall.


Source: 2014 Sochi Olympic website

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