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List of Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Theaters in Michigan

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Whether the comedy troupe performs a short play, follows an outline or makes up the jokes as they go along, they promise a one-of-a-kind night of entertainment. They may even let you participate. To help you find your best sense-of-humor fit, here is a list of Improvisation and Sketch Comedy Theaters in Michigan:

Go Comedy! Improv Theater

Go Comedy! Improv Theater at 261 East Nine Mile Road in Ferndale is a small venue that hosts improv and sketch comedy.

Improv: "Fresh Sauce" is an open improv jam that takes place on Wednesday evenings or as part of the Sunday show. "Bizarro Happy Hour" is a free, late-night improv jam available on Friday and Saturday nights.

Sketch Comedy: The theater hosts several shows from Wednesday through Sunday. Cost is $7 to $15.

Miscellaneous: Snack items are available, including chips, pretzels and crackers. Parking is free. Discounts are available for Wednesday nights and Sunday.

Classes: Go Comedy! hosts a large number of comedy classes known as Go U (and Go Youth for children). The Improv Academy hosts four programs, including an introductory, advanced, sketch comedy and skills program, each of which culminates in a show. The cost is $200 for an eight-week class. The theater also sometimes hosts $25 Sunday workshops, a drop-in class for teens on Friday evenings and a three-week improv summer camp for kids.

Planet Ant Theatre

Planet Ant Theatre at 2357 Caniff Street in Hamtramck is known for its Sketch Comedy and Monday-night Improv.

Improv: The improv on Monday night features a special guest troupe, the ImprovColony (seasoned improvisers), and then The Ant Jam, a series of improv games for the audience. Sketch Comedy: The scripted plays and musicals generally run on the weekends, cost in the neighborhood of $10 to $25 and are scheduled as a Main Stage Production, Late Night Series or at the Marlene Boll Theatre in the Downtown Y (1401 Broadway Street).

Classes: Planet Ant also has an Improv Training Center with introductory classes starting at $150. You can also audition for the Planet Ant Improv Colony, a program that consists of three classes, each of which run six weeks. The program culminates with a two-weekend run of an original comedy production. Cost is $600 to $800, but participants share 40% of the box-office receipts.

River City Improv

River City Improv brings improv, sketch comedy and dance numbers to one of two auditoriums in the Grand Rapids area: the Ladies Literary Club and Gezon Auditorium.

Shows: The shows are dreamed up by the Calvin College Alumni Improv Team and cost $10 a person. Shows are performed one to two nights per month.

Second City


The theater is now known as Andiamo Novi Theatre, seats 200 people and hosts dinner shows.

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