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Haunted Houses in Detroit's Macomb County in 2014

Haunted Attractions, Houses, Hayrides, Factories, Farms, Castles and Forests

By Nancy Jones

It just isn't Halloween until you get that adrenaline high from a good fright. Turns out, you're in the right place, because the haunted attractions in Macomb County will help horrify, terrify and generally scare the bravery out of you this Halloween. Depending on where you are located and how scared you want to get, you'll find haunted attractions and haunted houses in Detroit's Macomb County in 2014 that are full of horror.

Note: The Haunted Houses and Attractions listed below are for teenagers or adults ready to face terror like they've never known. For a family with younger kids, check out the Metro Detroit Halloween Family Attractions list.

  • Armada: Blakes Nighttime Spooky Hayrides & Three-Level Haunted Barn
    On weekends from the end of September (9/25) and throughout October, the Farm's Barnyard Funland turns just a bit spooky. Spooky Land includes a straw mountain, fortune teller, fun-house tunnel, petting farm and 3D maze. Other attractions include Nighttime Spooky Hayrides, a 3D Maze (wherein guests wear 3D glasses), and a Zombie Paintball Safari. Please contact for current pricing information.  Note: Tickets can be purchased online.

  • Armada: Slaughtered at Sundown (Facebook
    The attraction has both a haunted house -- complete with zombies and haunted cemetery -- and a haunted hayride. It operates on weekends from Friday, September 26th through October 31st. Please contact for current pricing information.

  • Lenox Township: Haunted Farm of Terror
    The haunted happenings include a 20-acre Hayride of Horrors, as well as a House of Doom. There are also nightly bonfires, zombie shoots, corn maze and scary movies. The attraction is open on weekends from September 12 through October 4th and expanded weekends October 10th through November 1st. Admission is $22 adults, $15 kids 10 & under and includes both attractions.

  • Lenox: Scarefest Scream Park
    Castle of the Dead (formerly of Roseville) has taken up residence in Lenox. In 2014, the Park has four attractions: Castle of the Dead, Carnival of the Dead (a wooded trail), Terror Maze Zone (with hidden monsters and frights), and Hayride of Doom. The Park is open on weekends (Fridays and Saturdays) in September through October 11 and Friday/Saturday/Sundays October 17th through November 1st. Tickets are $15 per attraction ($12 online). All inclusive tickets are $45.

  • Mt. Clemens: The Fear Factory at the Gibraltar Trade Center
    The attraction is open on weekends starting on September 19th. It is also open every day from October 2nd through November 2nd (except for October 6,7,8,13,14). It takes 30 minutes to experience, spans 25,000 square feet, and has a unique vortex tunnel. Admission is $12 per person in September and $18 per person in October and November.

  • Romeo: Haunted Hayride at Miller's Big Red Greenhouses and Cider Mill
    At one time, Miller's Big Red hosted a Haunted Hayride that took folks a trip through a foggy orchard populated with monsters, demons and other creatures. Note: The website makes no mention of the haunted hayride for 2014.

  • Roseville: Motor City Massacre
    Note: The attraction's website has not been updated since 2009.

  • Utica: Sinister Haunted House
    Note: The attraction’s website is inoperable and the Facebook page has not been updated since 2013.

  • Warren: The Deadland Haunted House
    The Deadland is back in 2014, with the unusual option of “Rent-A-Monster,” which gives you a “friendly monster” to guide you through the house at $5. Tickets can be purchased online and cost $15 an adult, but you can skip the line if you're willing to shell out $22. The attraction is open on weekends running from Friday, September 19th through November 1st, and also Thursdays from October 9th.


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