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Sajo's Restaurant of Clinton Township

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Sajo's of Clinton Township provides a nice atmosphere that manages to make a special occasion out of a casual dining experience. In addition to the well-thought-out, contemporary decor, Sajo's has a large menu; some truly amazing dishes; and friendly, unpretentious service. The unique combination of attributes makes the restaurant a good choice for any kind of diner.


Located in a plaza off of Moravian Drive in Clinton Township, Sajo's Casual Dining restaurant stands out with its red and beige awnings. Despite the plaza location, the restaurant has plenty of space available for private parties and events.


The long dining area is done in greens, reds and yellows and divided down the middle into two main sections, each of which are lined with booths upholstered in a graphic pattern. One section leads to a mural and a banquet room, while the other leads to a fireplace and is filled with long wooden tables and chairs. The fireplace is lined with light-wood shelving and has subdued lighting, which helps to give the restaurant a nice, warm atmosphere. The ceiling is done in dark colors and is dotted with domed chandeliers that make for an interesting effect. The tables in Sajo's are set with water glasses, bread dishes and black cloth napkins but no table clothes, which is about the only indication that the restaurant is “casual” rather than fine dining. While the dining area has windows, they are kept tightly blinded, which gives the otherwise contemporary décor a romantic atmosphere even at the height of noon.


The restaurant describes itself as Mediterranean, which is reflected in the Greek and Italian dishes included on its menu. For instance, Saganaki “Opa!” is an appetizer; but there are quite a few traditionally Italian dishes as well that include terms like Alfredo, Marsala, Parmesan, Florentine, Napolean, Toscana and Panini. That being said, Cajun Steak Bites and a section devoted to burgers expands the menu beyond what would otherwise be considered Mediterranean cuisine.

The lunch menu includes nine salads, along with a burger section and 15 sandwiches. The sandwiches range in price from $8 to $12 and include Chicken & Broccoli Quiche on Banana nut bread, Eggplant Napoleon Sandwich, Bronze Tilapia, Chicken Florentine Bruschetta and several Panini.

The dinner menu has several entree sections that include chicken, ribs, steak, fish and seafood. Dishes range in price from $14 to $24. There is also a section devoted to House Specialty pastas, as well as sections for entree salads, kids meals ($6 to $8) and wine.


A bread basket was delivered to the table filled with both fresh bread and crackers covered in sesame seeds. The basket was accompanied by mini-Promise tubs and a pesto-infused olive oil for dipping. While the bread was fresh with a nicely crunchy crust, it wasn't served warm.

The side salads was filled with fresh, nicely chilled greens. Other components, like shredded carrots, were presented separately on the square plate , making it visually attractive. The salad was portioned to complement rather than over power the main dish. The house dressing, a vinaigrette, was served on the side.


The Pasta Portofino was served in a shallow bowl filled with tender, grilled chicken strips and stuffed ravioli. The pasta of the ravioli was freshly made with eggs and flour, which was evident through its taste and thick, powdery texture. The ravioli were plump with a spinach/cheese mix. The filling managed to keep its consistency throughout the cooking process rather than being absorbed into the pasta and provided a pleasing contrast in texture. The sauce, which include shredded spinach, cream and garlic, was very tasty without overpowering the ravioli and chicken. The dish was nicely balanced and easily earned five stars.

The Fettucini Alfredo was served in a nice-sized portion in a unique flower-shaped bowl. The fresh pasta was less noticeable in this dish, however, as it got lost amid the too-creamy, if peppery, Alfredo sauce.


The waitress was very attentive, polite and friendly. The hostess and bus boys helped her out at times making for a smoothly flowing meal.

Tips and More

  • Sajo's of Clinton Township is actually the local chain's second location. The first Sajo's opened in Roseville in 1991.
  • Parking could be a problem at times as Sajo's. The restaurant caps a plaza with a narrow, shared parking lot surrounding it.
  • The restaurant will split entrees with no extra fee.
  • Dishes are served with a unique presentation.

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