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Dangers, Hazards and Natural Disasters in Michigan

Michigan's climate, geology and native species create a living environment that has relatively few dangers, hazards and natural disasters than other states. Michiganders biggest concerns are tornadoes, blizzards, Asian Carp and unemployment, but rattlesnake bites, mosquito-carried disease and earthquakes happen on occasion.

Information About Tornadoes in Detroit and Southeast Michigan
Tornadoes in Detroit - Information About Tornadoes in Detroit and Southeast Michigan, including history of violent F4 and F5 tornadoes, including the Flint-Beecher F4 Tornado, for the southeast area of Michigan and general tornado season information for the state compared to other states in the nation.

Information About Mosquitoes in Detroit
Mosquitoes in Detroit - Information About Mosquitoes in Detroit, including information about diseases, development, repellant, population control, suggestions and DEET.

Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake in Michigan
Rattlesnakes in Michigan - Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnakes in Michigan, the only poisonous snakes in Oakland, Livingston and Wastenaw Counties and Metro Detroit. Information includes identification of snakes, behavior, aggressiveness, venom, rattles and age, avoiding snake bites, treatment of snake bites, removing from yard, hiking tips.

Are There Earthquakes in Michigan?
Does Detroit Have Earthquakes - Are There Earthquakes in Michigan? Information includes midwest geology, earthquake hazard risk, rifts, crustal plates, tectonic forces, epicenters, seismic waves, ground shaking, seismic magnitude scale, Mercalli Earthquake Intensity Scale in the U.S. And Canada like the Lower Wabash Valley series of faults and...

History of Earthquakes Felt in Detroit and Michigan
Earthquakes in Detroit and Michigan - History of Earthquakes in Detroit and Michigan, including list of earthquakes with epicenters in Michigan and earthquakes in hazard zones felt in Michigan, Information also includes hazard risk and zones in Midwest U.S. and Canada, largest earthquake in Michigan in 1947, New Madrid Earthquakes of 1811 and...

The Creepy-Crawlies of Michigan: Fishflies, June Bugs and Mosquitos
The Creepy-Crawlies of Michigan: Fishflies, June Bugs and Mosquitos

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