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Strip Clubs in Windsor, Ontarior

Lounges for Adult Entertainment


Updated March 30, 2009

Chatham Street Strip Clubs in East Windsor:

  • Cheetah’s on the River (Upscale and busy)
    86 Chatham Street, East Windsor

  • Danny’s of Windsor
    (Danny's features male dancers for women in a new downtown Windsor location. The club is located in the former site of Jason's.)
    25 Chatham Street, East Windsor

  • Million Dollar Saloon (Open, but for sale)
    38 Chattam Street, East Windsor

  • Sin Sex Bar
    86 Chatham Street, East Windsor

Other Windsor Clubs:

  • Leopard’s Lounge
    1190 Wyandotte Steet

  • President’s Club
    3885 Sandwich Street, Windsor

  • Silver’s Lounge
    3983 Seminole, Windsor

  • Studio 4
    1415 Huron Church Road, Windsor

  • The Tap (Gay men’s strip club)
    1056 Wyandotte Street, East Windsor

  • The TT Bar (or Club T-Zers)
    1636 Droulliard Road, Windsor

  • Vanilla Bar (Boutique bar)
    15a Royal Windsor Station, Windsor
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