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List of Community Events and Festivals of Oakland County


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Poetry and Truth, a sculpture by John Sauve

Poetry and Truth, a sculpture by John Sauve

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The City of Birmingham is known as “A Walkable Community.” It is located west of Woodward Avenue in Oakland County. Of the communities that have a historic downtown area, Birmingham is one of the most affluent, and it shows in the city's fine shops, restaurants, and art galleries.

The City hosts both a Farmer's Market and “In the Park” concert series.

Annual Birmingham Events include:

  • January/February: Little Christmas Tea, Restaurant Week
  • March/April: Uptown Film Festival
  • May/June: Celebrate Birmingham Parade
  • July/August: Birmingham Cruise Event, Bike Festival, Birmingham Street Art Fair
  • September/October: Halloween Parade,
  • November/December: Holiday Tree Lighting and Santa House Opens, Magic of Birmingham, Winter Markt (German), Magic of Birmingham, Family New Year Blast


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