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Tips and Information for Attending the Detroit Auto Show


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Directions to and Parking at Cobo Center
Cobo Center is located in downtown Detroit (map) at the intersection of Jefferson and Washington Avenues. While the center has its own parking structure, it has a limited number of general parking spots available. Likewise, the garages in the blocks surrounding Cobo Center fill up very fast, especially with the Click-and-Park reservations system utilized by the North American International Auto Show this year.
  • Click and Park. Through ClickandPark.com it is possible to make reservations within 24 hours of your expected attendance. Prices start at $10 and there is a $3 service charge.

  • Parking Plan. If you don't make advance reservations, it is important that you come prepared with a plan of attack for parking. You should understand the street layout in downtown Detroit. Because parking fills up fast at Cobo, you should also carry a list or map of parking garages in downtown Detroit. There are several parking garages within walking distance of Cobo Center, including:

    • 621 First Street, northwest of Cobo Center on First Street (between Fort and Congress Streets)
    • The Millenium Garage and Marmalade Enterprises, north of Cobo on W. Congress
    • First-Washington Garage, north of Cobo on Washington Avenue
    • Handy Parking, east of Cobo on Shelby Street
    Note: The police are out in force downtown. Police cruisers are everywhere you might accidentally wander.

  • People Mover. The People Mover is a commuter train that goes in a one-way circle around downtown. In addition to a stop within Cobo Center, it has 12 other stops. One stop is at Greektown Casino Hotel, which is surrounded by several parking garages, several of which are free.

  • Park-and-Ride Shuttles. Media Shuttles are scheduled to Cobo Center from hotels in Detroit, Dearborn and Southfield.

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