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2013 Halloween Guide for Detroit, Michigan

Haunted Houses, Ghost Hunts, Children's Activities and Halloween Parties


Halloween is reflected throughout the Metro-Detroit area in its quantity of haunted houses, corn mazes, Halloween parties, ghost tours, house decorations and spooky legends. Find out all there is to do and see in celebration of the holiday through the 2013 Halloween Guide for Detroit, Michigan.

Halloween Activities for Families and Children

Detroit Zoo Boo
Photo © Patrick A McGowan

Candy and costumes make Halloween a favorite holiday for kids. There are several different types of activities around the Metro Detroit area that are appropriate for kids, from trick-or-treating opportunities to special movie presentations.

Scary Plays, Shows and Movies

The Penn in Plymouth
Photo © Laura Sternberg, Licensed to About.com

The horror isn't limited to houses in Detroit. In fact, several Detroit-area theaters are getting in on the act with a host of scary Musicals, Shows, Plays and Movies for the Halloween holiday.

Haunted Houses, Forests, Mazes, Barns

The Erebus haunted attraction in Pontiac has its own car
Photo © Rick McOmber

The Metro-Detroit area is heralded by many as the Haunted House Capital of the nation. Whether Detroit qualifies for the moniker or not, the area certainly knows how to show folk a spooky, scary time. The Detroit area has every size, type and variety of haunted experience.

Halloween Stores

Former Best Buy turned Halloween U.S.A., 2007
Photo © Kathryn Lane

In addition to the traditional costume stores scattered around the Metro-Detroit area, the new trend in retail is the seasonal Halloween store. In fact, there are now several Halloween chains that offer decorations, frights and costumes.

Ghost Tours

Historic Fort Wayne
Photo © Karen Milmine

Detroit has historic buildings, cemeteries and spooky legends aplenty, but only a couple of enterprising individuals and organizations have made a tour out of them. Haunted happenings can be explored through a walking tour and ghost hunt at Historic Fort Wayne and/or a guided bus tour that visits several haunted sites in and around the Metro-Detroit area.

Best Decorated Houses for Halloween in Metro Detroit

House Decorated for Halloween in Livonia
Photo © What's the Buzz

It is starting to feel a lot like Halloween...at least in terms of decorations. Orange and black lights, air-filled goblins and hanging ghosts adorn many a house this time of year. Frankly, Halloween has the potential to be a lot more interesting and creative than that other holiday.

Corn Mazes

Corn Maze
Photo © Tina Kress, all rights reserved.

Whether cut out of a corn field or built with stacks of hay, corn mazes have gotten bigger and more sophisticated. For instance, several of the corn mazes in the Metro Detroit area create a picture when viewed from the air. Corn mazes can be a unique form of entertainment for families during the day and a place of confusing terror at night. Bring a flashlight!

History of Devil's Night in Detroit

Devil's Night in Detroit, 2008
Photo © Dropsheet Photography

The nation knows of it as a night of arson and mayhem, but Detroiters have more innocent memories of Devil's Night in Detroit. Outside of the arson that played out among the many abandoned buildings in downtown Detroit starting in the 1980s, the night was traditionally filled with pranks and mischief.

Adult Halloween Parties and Events

Halloween isn't just for kids; it's for the kid in all of us. The list of parties and events for adults includes special concerts, costume parties, ghost hunts, special-effect displays, seances and dinner shows.

Zombies in Detroit and Michigan

Zombies are big right now. In fact, the undead moved from populating movies to starring in television series. Lest you think you're safe living away from the epicenter of zombie activity (Hollywood), think again. There have been several sightings of zombies in Detroit and Michigan.

Paranormal Figures, Ghost-Hunting Clubs and Legends

Detroit has some legendary spooky figures, as well as many other paranormal figures that may not be so well known. There are people in Detroit who are interested in them all. Some folks can communicate directly with the ghosts and apparitions, while others spend time investigating them.

Metro Paranormal Investigations

Metro Paranormal Investigations is one of several organizations in the Metro-Detroit area that investigates paranormal phenomenon. Who are the people who make up the organization's membership and what does the group investigate?

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