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List of IMAX Theaters in Detroit

A Larger-Than-Life Movie Experience


The IMAX experience is accomplished through the use of either an enormous, flat screen or dome-shaped screen. The viewing experience is enhanced by technologic advances in both film and sound. Films are now produced specifically to take advantage of the IMAX technology, especially documentaries.

Dearborn: IMAX - Henry Ford Museum, Greenfield Village

Henry Ford Museum's IMAX Theater showcases films made for its technology on one of two enormous flat screens. It also shows first-run movies, which are sometimes enhanced with 3-D technology. Prices range from $7.25 to $11.75 and reservations are recommended.

Detroit: Chrysler's IMAX Dome - Detroit Science Center

While under the heading "IMAX," the dome is a distinctly different viewing experience. The dome is one-and-one-half stories tall and its films are made to wrap around the viewer both in sight and sound. The films are also specially made for the domes, which are predominantly in science centers across the nation. They are typically documentaries that are about an hour long. A few of the films showcased at the IMAX Dome are Amazing Caves, Mummies and The Human Body. Get ready to scrunch down in your seat and look up, because the experience is something of a ride. Prices are from $11.95 to $15.95.

Livonia: AMC Livonia 20 with IMAX

The IMAX Theater (flat screen) at AMC Livonia 20 is part of a megaplex offering a total of 20 screens, stadium seating and Sensory Friendly Films.

Sterling Heights: AMC Forum 30 with IMAX

The IMAX Theater (flat screen) at AMC Forum is part of a megaplex offering a total of 30 screens.
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