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Metro Detroit Fall Season Guide

Weather, Tips, Tours, Color Change and Football


The weather in Detroit can blow hot or cold in the fall months, but one thing is true regardless of whether the city experiences an Indian summer: the kids go back to school, football season starts and mills will be churning out cider! To find out just what Detroit, Michigan has to offer in the fall -- including temperature, climate, landscape and recreational activity -- check out the Detroit Fall Season Guide.


Storm on the horizon in Metro Detroit
Photo © Laura Sternberg, Licensed to About.com (2009)

Just how fast does summer turn to fall in Metro Detroit? Well, let's put it this way, there is no telling. Summer can stick around for a while or it can snow in October. By November, you can pretty much count on less sunshine and a lot less leaves. If you need more specifics, check out Detroit weather in September, October, and November.

Apples & Cider

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It is not fall in Michigan without a trip to a U-pick farm and/or cider mill, where it is all about the apple. True to form, communities in and around the Metro-Detroit area celebrate in a big way with several apple-related festivals.

Home Games (Sports)

Detroit Lions play their Thanksgiving game against the Miami Dolphins, 2006
Photo © Al Messerschmidt / Getty Images

Fall means Tigers baseball is wrapping up, but Lions football, Pistons basketball and Red Wings hockey are just getting started. In addition to the home games of the big-four professional teams, there are college games and other sporting events in and around the Metro-Detroit area.

Events and Festivals

Renaissance Festival in Holly, 2007
Photo © Wigwam Jones

In the fall months in Metro Detroit, it's all about football, cider and enjoying that last bit of warmth in the air. The many neighborhoods that make up the Metro-Detroit area make it easy to enjoy the season by hosting annual festivals and events.

Corn Mazes

Corn Maze
Photo © Tina Kress, all rights reserved.
Who needs a manicured hedge to make a maze? Not the folks in Michigan, where local orchards and farms plan out elaborate maze designs in corn fields. From the sky, the design may form a picture. From below, the six-to-eight foot high corn stalks come together to form the walls of a maze. Things are made even more interesting at night when the goal is to escape the maze in the dark, as well as the spooks and ghouls haunting it.

Summer/Fall Flowering Plants

Lord Baltimore Hibiscus
Photo © Laura Sternberg, Licensed to About.com
Michigan is all about experiencing the seasons. To insure a little color in late summer and early fall, be sure to include a tree, shrub and/or climber from the list of summer and fall flowering plants for Michigan gardens.


Detroit Zoo Boo
Photo © Patrick A McGowan
Halloween is reflected throughout the Metro-Detroit area in its quantity of haunted houses, corn mazes, Halloween parties, ghost tours, house decorations and spooky legends. Find out all there is to do and see in celebration of the holiday through the 2012 Halloween Guide for Detroit, Michigan.

Fall Color Tours

Fall in Metro Detroit
Photo © Laura Sternberg, Licensed to About.com

In Michigan in general and Detroit in particular, we experience the change of seasons in a big way. One of the best things about our cold climate and plentiful forests is the ability to experience the vibrant color changes of fall. Take some time and do it right with one of Detroit's fall color tours.

Haunted Houses

Haunted Reptile House at Detroit Zoo Boo
Photo © Jim Watson

Halloween may not be until the very end of October, but communities across the Metro-Detroit area are already planning the frights. In fact, most haunted houses start at the end of September. Detroit has so many haunted houses that you need the extra month to experience them all.

Shows and Concerts

The National Tour of "Cats"
Photo © 2008, G CREATIVE provided courtesy The Fisher Theatre

As the weather cools and the holidays approach, Detroit's concert and theater season gets in full swing. In addition to plays and Broadway shows, Detroit hosts a variety of music concerts, comedians, rodeos and circuses in the fall.

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