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Metro Detroit Summer Guide

Weather, Tips, Tours, Beaches, Festivals and Getaways


Warm summer days, balmy summer nights and an abundance of greenery all work together to lure Metro Detroiters out of doors in June, July and August. So just what does Michigan in general and Detroit in particular have to offer in terms of temperature, climate, landscape and recreational activity? As it turns out, plenty. Check out what in the Metro Detroit Summer Guide.

Hot, Humid and Buggy?

Storm on the horizon in Metro Detroit
Photo © Laura Sternberg, Licensed to About.com (2009)

Just how warm does it get? Well, let's put it this way, there are more days with temperatures in the 70s or 80s than in the 90s, so it's all good!  If you need more specifics, check out Detroit weather in June, July, and August; but be forewarned, summer in Detroit has its downsides, including mosquitoes, the occasional tornado and/or a day (or three) over 100 degrees. 

Events and Festivals

2002 Woodward Dream Cruise
Photo by: Bill Pugliano / Getty Images News

In the summer months in Metro Detroit, it's all about getting outdoors while the getting is good. The many neighborhoods that make up the Metro-Detroit area make it easy to enjoy the warm weather by hosting music festivals, art fairs, hydroplane races and classic car cruises – just to name a few.



2007 Target Fireworks
Photo © Bob Oren / www.detroit-photos.com

The Ford Fireworks, scheduled this year for Monday, June 23rd, are probably the most well known of the fireworks displays in the Metro-Detroit area, but plenty of other communities, parks and even ballparks sponsor professional firework displays throughout the summer.

Shows and Concerts

Warped Tour 2007
Photo © Amanda Zee, 2007

When: Throughout the next couple of months
Where: Detroit-area theaters

At any given time, Detroit hosts a variety of shows and concerts, including music concerts, Broadway plays, comedians, rodeos and circuses.

Guide to Summer Planting

White Hydrangea
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Gardening in Detroit, Michigan can be a challenge because of our crazy climate and temperature extremes, but once you get some basics down, it's pretty easy. Read on to discover tips and rules for gardening in Michigan, as well as the best bulbs, annuals and perennials for our climate. There is also a list of public gardens in the Metro-Detroit area.

Beaches and Parks

Metro Park Beach
Photo © Ri Pizza

As might be expected, the Great "Lakes" State has plenty of swimming and beach opportunity. From small swimming holes to Great Lake beaches, the Metro Detroit area has it all. Your guide to Metro Detroit beaches and parks includes crowd information, boat rental availability, general descriptions and other amenity information.

Sightseeing Tours

Detroit Princess
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Detroit's history, location, sports teams and Motown/auto roots make it a great place to vacation and explore during the summer months. Whether you choose to travel by foot, bus, car or boat, there is a sightseeing tour for you.

Water Parks and Slides

If natural ponds and lakes don't provide enough excitement for you this summer, check out the many Detroit-area water parks and slides.


Tigers Baseball
Photo by Spike, © 2008 Radiospike Photography

There are several baseball teams, stadiums and parks near Detroit, especially if you want to take in A or AAA baseball. Of course, Detroit is also home to Tigers baseball at Comerica Park.

Weekend Getaways

Mackinac Island
Photo © Laura Sternberg, Licensed to About.com
Tourism is alive and well in Michigan. The Great Lake State has plenty of water-sport and sun-bathing opportunities, as well as a rich history. That's why there is a long list of vacation destinations and weekend getaways in Michigan.

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