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List of Detroit Drive-in Movie Theaters

Reliving the Glory Days


Once upon a time, the Metro Detroit area hosted many drive-in theaters. As the suburbs spread, however, the acreage necessary for the theater proved valuable and the sites were often sold for the creation of plazas and malls. These days, there are only a few Detroit Drive-in Theaters.

Dearborn: Ford Wyoming 1-5

Part of the largest drive-in theater in the world, Ford Wyoming 1-5 is open every day of the week. The theater shows double features of first-run films. Prices are no longer listed on the website, but the theater now takes credit cards.

Dearborn: Ford Wyoming 6-9

Part of the largest drive-in theater in the world, the Ford-Wyoming 6-9 closed in 2009.

Pontiac: Silverdome Drive-in

The Silverdome Drive-in has traditionally shown feature films on three portable screens. Prices were charged per person and were comparable to prices at sit-down theaters. Unfortunately, the Silverdome Drive-in has a checkered past of open seasons and does not appear to be operating in 2012.

Plymouth: Compuware Arena's Drive-In Movie Theatre

Operated out of the massive parking lot that services Compuware Arena, this off-hockey-season, drive-in theater has three temporary screens. Because of its temporary nature, the screens are somewhat wrinkly and small, the parking is close, and the prices are high (at or equal to regular theaters). The screens shows double features of first-run movies.

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