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List of Movie Theaters in Metro Detroit

Type, Price and Amenities


The movie theaters in Metro Detroit come in all shapes and sizes, from single screen to megaplex. As a major metropolitan area, we also get a lot of independent and foreign films, as well as IMAX films.

Theaters That Show Independent and Foreign Films

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You hear about them by word of mouth or through award nominations, but you don't remember them being shown at your local movie theater. That's because only certain theaters in the Metro Detroit area show independent films or special-audience movies.

Second-Run and Discount Theaters

Stadium seating or no, the megaplexes showing first-run movies can be a real drain on your pocketbook. For a family of four, the cost can be upwards of $28, and that's before the popcorn. If you're willing to wait to see a movie, consider a second-run movie house. There are several second-run movie theaters in Detroit.

Drive-In Theaters

Once upon a time, the Metro Detroit area hosted many drive-in theaters. As the suburbs spread, however, the acreage necessary for the theater proved valuable and the sites were often sold for the creation of plazas and malls. These days, there are only a few Drive-in Movie Theaters in Metro Detroit.

IMAX Theaters

The IMAX experience is accomplished through the use of either an enormous, flat screen or dome-shaped screen. The viewing experience is enhanced by technologic advances in both film and sound. Films are now produced specifically to take advantage of the IMAX technology, especially documentaries.

Movie Theaters Offering Stadium Seating

Once the province of IMAX theaters, stadium seating is mandatory in the newer megaplexes. In fact, many older theaters have been renovated to include them. And why not? Stadium seating provides comfortable chairs and an unobstructive view.
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