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List of Second-Run Movie Theaters in Detroit

An Affordable Alternative


Stadium seating or no, the megaplexes showing first-run movies can be a real drain on your pocketbook. For a family of four, the cost can be upwards of $28, and that's before the popcorn. If you're willing to wait to see a movie, consider a second-run movie house. There are several second-run movie theaters in Detroit.

Allen Park: Allen Park Cinema

The Allen Park Cinema has five screens, all of which show second-run films. Prices range from $1.00 to $1.50.

Ann Arbor: Briarwood Dollar Movies

The four-screen theater is located in Briarwood Mall. Prices are from $1.00 to $1.75, depending upon the day and time you take in the show.

Farmington: Farmington Civic Theater

Designed by C. Howard Crane, the same architect who designed the Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit, the theater opened in 1940. Since that time, the balcony has been converted into a second screening room.

Ferndale: The Magic Bag

While the venue offers second-run movies for $2 a person, it does it within its Wednesday-and-Thursday-night Brew & View. The other nights of the week are reserved for dance parties, concerts and the viewing of sports finals. Set up more like a bar (with tables and waitresses) than a theater, The Magic Bag is the subject of a video on Veoh.com that showcases its highlights and atmosphere.

Plymouth: Penn Theatre

The Penn Theatre has gone through several incarnations since its opening in 1941. It even closed for a couple years to be revived by the nonprofit organization, Friends of the Penn. All seats are $3.00. The theater is still a single-screen cinema with 405 seats. It is currently open Thursday through Saturday evenings and shows one second-run feature each week. It also shows classic movies on Sunday, from Singing in the Rain to Casablanca.

Roseville: Silver Cinemas

According to Cinema Treasures.com, the Silver Cinemas started its run as the Macomb Mall Cinema in 1965 with two screens. Renovations over the years increased the number of screens to eight, which now show second-run films. Film times are available through Movietimes.com.

Warren: Cinemark Warren 16

A megaplex specializing in second-run films, Cinemark Warren offers 16 screens at reasonable prices: $1 early matinee, $1 all day Tuesday, $1.50 weekday evening and $2.50 on weekend evenings.

Wayne: State-Wayne Theater

According to CinemaTreasures.org, the State-Wayne Theater opened in 1946 as a single-screen theater, but was later subdivided into four auditoriums. The theater is now operated by the city of Wayne and shows only second-run films. It is also a venue for plays. Prices are .99 cents on Thursdays. All other performances are $2.50 an adult and $1.50 a child.
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