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Detroit Events and Things to Do


Whether your activity of choice is antique shopping, kayaking, watching a Whaler's game or savoring fine wine, you'll find information about it here. Find out about Detroit Events and Things to Do, including information, reviews and recommendations about entertainment, shows, festivals, concerts, restaurants, games, sporting events and recreation in the metro area. There are even tips about weekend getaways.
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  3. Family Activities
  4. Museums, Casinos and Attractions
  5. Restaurants
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  3. Sports & Recreation
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Annual Events and Seasonal Attractions

2008 North American International Auto Show (Detroit)

The Metro Detroit Area hosts several events, festivals, attractions and shows consistently throughout the year. Some of the more notable events in the Metro Detroit Area include the North American International Auto Show and Woodward Dream Cruise.


Bastone Restaurant and Brewery in Royal Oak

Whether your style is a pub, brewery, sports den, band venue or dance club, Detroit has a large variety of night-time entertainment to sample.

Family Activities

Plymouth Cider Mill

Detroit hosts a lot of activities appropriate for families and children, including large arcades, pizza parlors, water parks, zoos, museums and drive-in theaters.

Museums, Casinos and Attractions

Oscar Meyer Weinermobile at Henry Ford Museum

As a major metropolitan area, Detroit has a lot to offer. In addition to museums showcasing art and science, Detroit has museums about African American history, the holocaust and Motown. It also hosts a variety of gaming opportunities and other attractions.


Shiro Restaurant in Novi

Detroiters have a wide and varied palate. Whatever your culinary pleasure, we'll help you find a restaurant that provides great service, atmosphere and food.


Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi

Arguably a shopping Mecca, Detroit is a national leader in shopping center innovation. Come explore our malls, centers and stores.

Shows & Concerts

Gary Beach as King Arthur and Brad Bradley as Patsy in Spamalot

As a major metropolitan area, Detroit attracts big-name entertainment and fosters local artists and musicians. This is the place to find out who's doing what where.

Sports & Recreation

Comerica Park in Detroit

Detroit hosts professional, college and minor-league games of every variety. Alternatively, you can get in on the action yourself through local sports complexes and parks.

Weekend Getaways

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort

If you're looking for a good weekend getaway, Detroit has a lot of activities within a four-to-five hour drive. The information provided will help you figure out which destination meets your particular tastes and needs.

Just Visiting

Spirit of Detroit and the Renaissance Center

Detroit is a great place to visit. Apparently, the organizers of events such as the Super Bowl and the WWE Royal Rumble agree. Recent years have brought an influx of special events. With them come tourists with a need for information about downtown restaurants, hotels, trevel, things to do, local laws, etc.

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