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Metro Detroit Cider Mills

List of Cider Mills in the Metro Detroit Area


Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill

Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill

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Updated September 07, 2012
Pressed cider, apples and piping-hot donuts herald the fall season in Michigan. Sure, you can stop by your local supermarket, but there is something addicting about hanging out at a picnic bench by a big red barn in the cool air of autumn. Here is a list of some of the Metro Detroit Cider Mills and Orchards:

  • Armada: Blake's Orchard & Cider Mill dates back to 1946. In addition to cider and donuts, Blake's has “pick your own” orchards, a cafe with lunch menu, train rides, farmers' market, pony rides, greenhouse, hayrides, cornfield mazes and several haunted attractions. It also hosts a Fall Festival in September and October.

  • Franklin: Franklin Cider Mill is located within the quaint village of Franklin and makes the most of its historic mill, which dates back to 1837. The cider mill not only sells cider from Michigan apples, but cinnamon spice donuts made from an old German recipe. Note: The cider mill has limited space for enjoying the cider and donuts on site.

  • Holly: Diehl's Orchard & Cider Mill offers much more than just cider and donuts. For instance, Diehl's hosts an annual Ciderfest in the fall that includes a craft show, run, craft demos, face painting and live entertainment. On the weekends, you can take a tour and/or hayride, as well as find your way out of a corn maze.

  • Northville: Parmenter's Northville Cider Mill dates back to 1873. That being said, a fire destroyed the original cider mill in 1977, so a new mill built at that time houses all that cider, donuts, apple pie, preserves, cheese, donuts, fudge, honey, and maple syrup available for sale. Parmenter's has added things over the years, including a Chow Mill (open on weekends) that serves hotdogs and cotton candy. Its biggest expansion, however, is a winery and tasting room located across the street that offers Syrah and hard cider, as well as outdoor seating and live music.

  • Plymouth: Plymouth Orchards & Cider Mill stands on the site of a former dairy farm. These days, the orchards produce 16 varieties of apples. In addition to cider, donuts and fresh-picked apples, the the cider mill offers wagon rides, pies, u-pick pumpkins, and petting zoo. Note: There is plenty of picnic space on site.

  • Rochester: Yates Cider Mill dates back to 1863 and is located on the edge of Bloomer Park, which means there are plenty of hiking trails and picnic benches close by. The mill itself actually runs off a water wheel that dates back 100 years. In addition to cider and donuts, Yates offers baked goods, several varieties of fudge, ice cream, apples, homemade pies, apple butter, and jarred goods. There is also a grill with hotdogs and knackwurst. In addition to all that food, Yates has a petting zoo and hiking trail, as well as pony rides on the weekends.

  • Romeo: Westview Orchards & Adventure Farm is located on 188 acres. The original farm/orchard dates back to 1813, while the current cider mill is located in a barn that dates back to 1850. In addition to fresh fruit and vegetables, Westview Orchards has a bakery, ice-cream & sweet shoppe (located in a former schoolhouse dating back to 1869), and a Cafe with hot dogs, nachos and wrap sandwiches. Westview also offers a restaurant called Grill on the Hill. Its menu includes burgers, hotdogs, pizza, wraps and more. The “adventure” part of Westview includes several corn mazes, log obstacle course, petting farm, wagon rides, and playground.
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