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List of Options in Higher Education in Detroit

Detroit has many options for higher education, including, art schools, seminaries, community colleges and big-ten universities.

Budget Solutions for the Michigan Promise Scholarship
Michigan Promise Scholarship - Budget Solutions for the Michigan Promise Scholarship, including proposals and compromises being negotiated by Michigan Lawmakers, such as cutting film-incentive package or tourism promotion or changing program requirements.

Guide to Colleges and Universities in Detroit, Michigan
The choice for the graduating high-school senior is overwhelming because the state has a lot to offer, both in terms of specialty schools and nationally-renowned universities. That is why it is important to have a guide to the colleges and universities in Detroit, Michigan and the metro area's surrounding communities.

Guide to Four-Year Universities in Detroit, Michigan
Universities generally offer bachelor's degrees that require a minimum of four-years of study, as well as graduate degrees. Many universities have some type of residential facilities, although some universities are considered "commuter schools" and have a low percentage of students who actually live on campus.

Guide to Community Colleges in Metro Detroit, Michigan
Generally speaking, community colleges in the Metro Detroit area offer certificate and associate's degrees in programs that span two years or less. The colleges are generally open admission and do not have residential facilities. The programs offered are often aimed at community-based needs. Many students utilize the colleges as a transfer vehicle to a four-year university.

Guide to Art Schools in Detroit, Michigan
Detroit is increasingly known for its art community. Over 30 galleries call the Metro Detroit area home. There are also at least two art schools in Metro Detroit that specialize in art, design and media.

Guide to Theological Seminaries in Detroit, Michigan
The Metro Detroit area provides several opportunities for education in philosophy, theology and spirituality. The various theological seminaries in Detroit, Michigan prepare students for life in the clergy.

Wayne State University
Detroit's renowned university, Wayne State University is located in downtown Detroit and offers a wide selection of degrees. It also has a medical school and law school.

Schoolcraft College
Schoolcraft College provides two-year, associate degrees is a wide-variety of program areas. Renowned for its Culinary Arts program, Schoolcraft is also well known by local universities that utilize the Schoolcraft associate degree as part of their bachelor degree programs.

Oakland University
Located in the rolling hills and meadows of Oakland County's Automation Alley, Oakland University offers over 100 bachelor degrees and over 90 graduate programs. Its emphasis is on liberal arts.

Macomb Community College
Traditionally Macomb Community College has offered associate programs, but, through partnerships with eight local colleges and universities, also offers classes onsite for over 50 bachelor's degrees.

Lawrence Technological University
Lawrence Tech University is privately owned and offers over 60 degree programs from associate degrees to doctorates. It is best known for its architectural and engineering programs.

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