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Guide to Local Restaurant Favorites in Downtown Detroit

Word-of-Mouth Recommendations


Locals know the score when it comes to restaurants, so listening to word-of-mouth recommendations is a sound strategy. Here are a few Local-Favorite Restaurants in Downtown Detroit:
  • Late-Night Eatery: American “Lafayette” Coney Island on…wait for it…Lafayette Boulevard is known for its hot dogs and chili. It caters to a late-night crowd, and its orange, Formica tables and white-tiled walls are a Detroit landmark.

  • Irish Pub: The Old Shillelagh on Monroe Avenue in Greektown is an Irish pub with live music. It is a Detroit favorite, especially on game days.

  • College Crowd: Cass Café on the Cass Corridor is a burger/sandwich restaurant that features vegetarian dishes. It is a great neighborhood eatery that has a full bar, caters to a college crowd and is known for the art on its walls and its chili.

  • Landmark: Sweet Water Tavern on Congress Street in Bricktown is a local tavern known around town for its wings. It is narrow, often crowded and popular for lunch.

  • Historic Sports Bar: Nemo’s Kitchen on Michigan Avenue is a historic sports bar located by the old Tiger Stadium.

  • Barbeque: Slows Bar BQ on Michigan Avenue in Corktown has, over a few short years, become well known around town for its outstanding barbeque dishes.
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