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Review of Pegasus Taverna in Detroit's Greektown

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A family-owned, Greek restaurant with over two decades of experience, Pegasus Taverna offers a traditional menu with authentic dishes. While it sets the bar for Greek food in the area, its portions for lunch could be a little bigger.


  • Open kitchen
  • Brunch on Sundays
  • Family friendly
  • $$$
  • Visitors staying at the Atheneum Hotel can charge meals to their room.
  • Located next door to Greektown Casino, Pegasus honors casino tickets and comps


Warm and friendly, Pegasus Taverna has been a part of Greektown for decades. In fact, its location next to “Trapper’s Alley” was plum back when the historic fur-trader warehouse served as a mall. Now that “Trapper’s Alley” has been converted into Greektown Casino, Pegasus has “lucked” out. Although still privately owned and not one of the casino’s dining options, Pegasus has an entrance off the casino’s indoor, brick walkway. The restaurant also has an entrance off of Monroe Street.

While the restaurant’s surroundings have changed, Pegasus remains very much the same. Plastic grape vines and fairly lights still hang from the faux-wooden ceiling trellis -– a decoration that makes your heart skip a beat during the “Opa!” moment of flaming Saganaki. The restaurant is decorated primarily in brick and wood with an open kitchen and large, wooden bar. It is also sprinkled liberally with Greek statues and mini sconces that resemble Olympic torches. It is warm, friendly and welcomes families with children. Best of all, it makes no attempt to keep the dining experience sedate or quiet.


The large menu at Pegasus has not changed much over the years, but then it has always been large and scattered with interesting dishes like baby octopus and quail. In addition to over 30 appetizers and several types of omelettes, Pegasus offers chicken, pork, lamb, seafood, veal, beef, vegetarian and “traditionally Greek” dishes that range in price from $12 to $29. Best of all, the restaurant offers combination plates so you don’t have to choose.

The Vegetarian Pastitsio and Spinach Pie combination plate was served in portions just right for lunch. In other words, Weight Watchers would approve of the portion size, but the modest rectangles are smaller than expected. The Vegetarian Pastitsio was delicious, however, with a generous topping of béchamel sauce. The Spinach Pie was made with fresh spinach and lots of feta cheese. It was nicely spiced and served warm without being dried out. The Spinach Feta Omelet was large, fluffy and browned. In fact, it was more like a soufflé than the flat pancake served in diners.

The dessert menu includes traditional favorites like Double Chocolate Cake and Cheesecake, along with several Greek specialties including Baklava, Loukoumades (donut holes with cinnamon and walnuts) and home-made Greek yogurt.

The Double Chocolate Cake hit just the right note. It offered a generous chocolate fix without being too sweet or rich. It was also reasonably priced at $4.50.


There is a certain old-world, no-nonsense charm about the service at Pegasus. Whether true or not, our waiter seemed part of the Pegasus family, like he’d been there forever. He served effortlessly but without exaggerated attentiveness.

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