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Review: Bath City Bistro of Mt. Clemens

Detroit Restaurant Review: Bath City Bistro of Mt. Clemens

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Review: Bath City Bistro of Mt. Clemens

Bath City Bistro

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Bottom Line:

Mt. Clemen's Bath City Bistro has great food, both in terms of variety and quality. Its lunch menu is a bargain, but the food is served like an afterthought on a street where several other restaurants don’t even open for lunch. While the restaurant has a nice décor and other unique qualities, it seems to struggle with deciding on an identity; its dining room décor and steak/seafood menu contrast sharply with its pub-like, home-to-feather-bowling space.


  • Great food
  • Reasonably priced lunch
  • Interesting and different space


  • Lunch service poor
  • Identity challenged


  • Art: Vintage with pictures of historic Mt. Clemens on the walls
  • Prices: Lunch $6.95 to $7.95; Dinner $9.50 to $23.50
  • Kids: Lunch time is quiet and subdued, but menu of pizza and pasta might work well for dinner
  • Other offerings: Lots of sides and a "lighter side" menu

Guide Review -- Bath City Bistro:


With brick walls, wood moldings, lofty ceilings and even a fire place, the space has its perks. The word on the street is the space used to be a pub, which is readily apparent. In fact, a balcony feeds into the main dining room, from which the sounds of feather bowling sometimes spill. Unfortunately, the sound and spirit of the sport contrast sharply with the boutique-type décor downstairs. The dining area is subdued, almost quiet, with high booths, wood tables and chairs, and purple-and-grey patterned upholstery.


The bistro has an extensive menu with lunches in the $6.95 to $7.95 range and dinners in the $9.50 to $23.50 range. Given the variety of and emphasis on steaks, ribs, fish and mussels on the entrée menu, it is clear the bistro is a steak and seafood restaurant at heart; although it also offers salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta and calzones.

The Bath City Salad included chopped walnuts, blue cheese and dried cherries amidst fresh vegetables and fruits. The poppy seed dressing was not too sweet, and the chicken was juicy and well seasoned.

The steak sandwich served over Texas toast with gravy was very good, even great when you consider the dish included a nice-sized, lean piece of beef for only $7.95. The restaurant has daily specials for side vegetable and soup. The ratatouille, a diced assortment of vegetables, was a perfect accompaniment to the sandwich, although the restaurant apparently makes its own “Famous Bath City Potato Chips” that could also serve the purpose.


This is where the bistro lost some stars. Our 1:30 p.m., Friday lunch was serviced like an afterthought. While the restaurant wasn’t crowded, it was clear from the other patrons that the lunch crowd consisted mainly of business people with a time limitation. Sitting at a booth by the door, we witnessed a party of two stand for a while at the hostess desk. They finally decided it must be “seat yourself” -- which it wasn’t -- and wandered hesitantly into the mostly-empty dining room.

Our own wait time was extraordinarily long at almost every phase of the meal. While we were served drinks right away and the waitress was friendly enough, we waited at least 15 minutes for her to return to take our food order, another 15 minutes for our food, 10 minutes for the bill, and 10 minutes to take the money. Feeling forgotten or overlooked does not make for a great restaurant experience.

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