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Review: Il Posto Ristorante, a Southfield Restaurant

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The Bottom Line

More fine dining than Italian in its atmosphere and presentation, Il Posto Ristorante is “The Place” to see and be seen, at least according to Hour Detroit. The magazine gave the restaurant its top honors in 2006; but Il Posto’s original owner, Gianni Belsito, closed the restaurant some time thereafter. Now open under new ownership, Il Posto has a reputation that may no longer apply. While the ambiance is nice and the service and food are very good, the meal did not leave a lasting impression indicative of an award-winning restaurant. The abandoned Tom's Oyster Bar adjoining Il Posto is also a drawback.


  • Very good food
  • Great service with nice touches


  • Tucked away into a building with a closed restaurant
  • Little natural light
  • Meal was not signature for an award-winning restaurant


  • Cuisine: Italian
  • Type: Fine dining
  • Ambiance: Romantic hideaway with terra-cotta walls and brick arches
  • Service: Waiters with dinner jackets

Guide Review - Review: Il Posto Ristorante, a Southfield Restaurant

Atmosphere and Decor:

The entrance to Il Posto is marked by a valet standing at the end of a long, blue awning in an otherwise enormous building, much of it empty after the close of Tom’s Oyster Bar. Inside, the restaurant has several arched doorways leading to a multi-tiered dining room. While the brick archways suggest old Italian, the rest of the décor, including the square vases filled with black branches, is more urban chic. The tables, which include rounded booths, are draped in white linen and adorned with crystal and silver.

My Lunch Experience:

The main patrons, what there were of them, were a couple groups of business people. It was perhaps the empty feeling of the dining room and the large, mostly-empty building in which it is tucked that took away from the “romantic hideaway” atmosphere I expected of Il Posto.

The lunch menu offered salad, pasta, seafood, chicken and veal dishes. The salmon special, served in a lemon wine sauce, was very fresh, cooked perfectly and well proportioned. Like the mushroom and pasta soup served before it, however, the salmon entree was not the signature meal I expected after reading the restaurant’s many awards and flattering reviews. Likewise, the desserts -- including lemon torte, tiramisu, and profiteroles -- were very good but not memorable.

The service was what you would expect from an award-winning restaurant with waiters wearing dinner jackets and bow ties. They attended to our every need with finesse. In the case of dessert, the waiter served directly from a table-side cart filled with decadent pastry.

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