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Weekends and Vacations to Niagara Falls From Detroit

Getaways from Detroit




Main Attraction:

The American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Horseshoe Falls.

What’s New?

Casinos and shows


From bed & breakfasts to luxury hotels, Niagara Falls has a large variety of lodging options. You can search hotels in the Niagara Falls area for a specific date or amenity, as well as by most popular or best price.

Clifton Hill:

Clifton Hill is the original area taken over by sky-scraper hotels, a casino and well-known tourist restaurants. It is now a tourist Mecca, sporting Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Café and Hard Rock Café. There are no fewer than four haunted houses, a maze, a Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum, several arcades and recognizable restaurant chains. Maid of the Mist is located at the bottom of the hill in one of the more shallow entries into the gorge.

You can drop a bundle on Clifton Hill. Depending on how much you like your tourist traps, some of the attractions are worth the money and some are not. Recommendations: Ripley’s Believe It or Not and NIGHTMARES Fear Factory.


Lots of building and growth has transformed the Fallsview area in recent years. It is across from the larger of the falls, Horseshoe Falls, on the Canadian side. Most of the area is up on a bluff, requiring a ride on the Falls Incline Railway to reach the falls and some of the falls activities, such as a Journey Behind the Falls and Niagara’s Fury. This area is higher brow than its touristy-trap competitor, Clifton Hill. A new casino/mall forms the hub of the hotel and entertainment district. In addition to gaming, the casino also offers Las Vegas-caliber shows and concerts. The area also has several well-known chain restaurants, including Wolf Gang Puck’s.

When in Fallsview, walk down the hill at Murray Street, have a beer at Edgewater’s Tap & Grill and walk along Niagara River Parkway to Table Rock Center. At Table Rock, you can see the Horseshoe Falls up close and/or gets tickets to an attraction, such as Journey Behind the Falls and Niagara’s Fury, a new thrill ride to open in 2008 consisting of a circular, 4D theater. When you’re done, you’ll be kind of damp and maybe tired and ready to complete the circuit back to your hotel. This is a great time to ride the Falls Incline Railway back up the hill, affording you a great view of the Horseshoe Falls during the ride.

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