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Detroit Getaways: Wine Tasting in Niagara on the Lake

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Updated June 25, 2008

The region surrounding Niagara-on-the-Lake is filled with vineyards and wineries, pretty much all of which offer wine tasting. Some of the wineries are huge complexes with on-site restaurants, while others are small buildings containing a single room and a small counter for wine tasting. Prices are generally charged per 2-ounce glass.


Driving from winery to winery as you drink is of course an issue, but there are tours available that allow you to drink your fill without worry. You can also rent bikes and ride along the bike trail, but you are limited to the wineries along the trail. If you pace yourself and have a designated driver, you can still enjoy the local wines by car.

Ice Wine:

While many types of wine are produced in Niagara-on-the-Lake, the most unique of the wines offered is the very sweet, cordial-type Ice Wine. In Ice Wine, the grapes remain on the vine until frozen, which results in a concentration of sugars. By the time the grape is harvested, it is very sweet. There are several varieties of Ice Wine depending on the type of grape used, but there is little distinction between the resulting wines because of the resulting sweetness. So sweet, in fact, that the Ice Wine is considered a dessert wine and best tasted with either dark chocolate or sharp cheese for contrast.

Wineries with Renowned Ice Wine:

Other Wineries of Niagara:

WineriesofNiagara.com offers profiles of each winery in the region.
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