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List of Vacation Destinations and Weekend Getaways in Michigan

Beach towns, a Bavarian Village and Mackinac Island


Tourism is alive and well in Michigan. The Great Lake State has plenty of water-sport and sun-bathing opportunities, as well as a rich history. That's why there is a long list of vacation destinations and weekend getaways in Michigan.

Beach Towns

Between all of our lakes, Great and small, Michigan has plenty of beach opportunity; but among the prettiest are those along Lake Michigan on the western side of the state. From south to north along Lake Michigan, there are several beach-town communities:

Mackinac Island

A haven of history, fudge, bicycles and horse-drawn carriages, Mackinac Island is a unique destination. Cars are outlawed on its roads, which results in a time-of-old atmosphere. If you have trouble going back in time, take a stroll along the porch of The Grand Hotel, the hotel that served as the location in the movie Somewhere in Time. If the porch isn't enough of a stroll for you, there are plenty of parks, souvenir stores and restaurants to wander to or through.

Photo Tour of Mackinac Island

Downtown Detroit

Detroit is the eighth largest metropolitan area in the country. As such, it has its own sports teams, museums, music and character. The Downtown Detroit Visitors Guide will give you the information you need to get around with a minimum of fuss and a maximum of good times.

Upper Peninsula

A world unto itself, the Upper Peninsula (UP) is home to pasties and *up*ers. It is also home to wilderness and forests, boating, sand dunes and more.


David Sweet is your guide to Michigan campgrounds, including private campgrounds, State Parks and National Parks.

Unique Resorts and Destinations

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