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2013 Metro-Detroit and Michigan Election Guide

Voter Registration, Candidates and Proposals


November elections often include votes that approve state proposals and/or decide who will hold major public offices like president, U.S. senator, and governor. Because 2013 is an off year, however, the November 5th, 2013 election focuses on local matters. For instance, many voters across the Metro-Detroit area and the state will vote for offices like mayor, city council, and police commissioner. While your ballot may include some proposals on the local level, the proposals generally ask voters to approve an amendment to the city charter or a new millage. 

One of the more notable races in Michigan will decide who will succeed Dave Bing as mayor of Detroit. The race is essentially between Mike Duggan and Benny N. Napoleon. Detroit will also choose a new city clerk and several city council members, both by district and at large.

Before we head to the voting booth, however, we have to register to vote. Information is key and available through the 2013 Michigan Election Guide.

Voter Registration FAQs

Michigan's Voter Information Center

The State of Michigan provides an exceptional website that allows you to determine if you are registered to vote, find your polling location and view your sample ballot.

Local Races in Metro Detroit

Folks in Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw and Wayne counties will be casting their vote among candidates for several township and city offices. Depending on the the location, voters will vote for mayor, city council member, and/or commissioner on the November 5th ballot. In general, local proposals ask voters to approve amendments to city charters and/or millages/bonds for things like street and school improvements.  

The Election Department of each county in and around the Metro-Detroit area sets out information specific to the candidates and proposals at the county, city and township level:


Additional Proposals by County/Township/City
  • Oakland County: In addition to a host of millage and bond proposals, voters in the:
    • City of Ferndale will vote on an amendment that will prevent several sections of the city's marijuana ordinance from applying to "the use, possession or transfer of less than 1 ounce of marijuana, on private property, by a person who has attained the age of 21 years.”
    • City of Sylvan Lake will vote on a proposal that would allow the sale of spirits and mixed spirit drinks (in addition to beer and wine) for "consumption on the premises within the City of Sylvan Lake."
  • Wayne County: In addition to a host of millage and bond proposals, voters in the Township of Grosse Ile will vote in a special election on whether or not to continue certain police operations, off-island library services, maintenance of storm and drain sewers, and the city's recreation department.
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