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Profile of Detroit Mayoral Candidate Mike Duggan


Mike Duggan has worn several hats during the years of his career in Detroit. Through his positions within both government and business, he has initiated and presided over several major programs and changes.


Every Neighborhood has a Future.”

Main Experience: Fiscal Turnarounds

Duggan has experience managing government departments and businesses during fiscal turnarounds.


  1. Cut police response time

  2. Speed up street light repairs

  3. Seize abandoned houses

Main Talking Points/Big Ideas

Duggan is big on re-utilizing abandoned property before its neglect can cause too much damage. In this regard, he would give the city the tools to either force owners to make repairs or seize abandoned property. If seized, the city will be able to sell houses to families and storefronts to start-up businesses.

Duggan will consolidate the many agencies and departments that deal with neighborhood services into one entity: the Department of Neighborhoods. The department will, in turn, partner with neighborhood groups.

Specific Issues

  • Attract Businesses: Duggan will ease the way for entrepreneurs to start a business in the City of Detroit by reducing red tape, providing business mentors, and helping them find financing through foundation grants. He will also ease the way for the city to seize abandoned storefronts so that it can sell the properties to entrepreneurs for a nominal fee.

  • Blight: Duggan will make it a priority to save and re-utilize abandoned buildings.

  • Crime: Duggan will work to cut police response time by better utilizing police officers, For instance, he will hire more support staff to free up officers, provide police with better technology, make gun crime a priority, get street lights on, and re-utilize abandoned properties.

  • Schools: When it comes to education, Duggan will demolish abandoned houses located near schools, partner with and advocate for the Detroit Public Schools, and encourage businesses to start programs that hire high-school students during the summer.


Duggan's 10-Point Neighborhood Plan concentrates heavily on re-utilizing abandoned property. Under the plan, Duggan will:

  1. Create a Department of Neighborhoods to deal with abandoned houses, vacant lots, and code enforcement, as well as partner with neighborhood groups

  2. Seize and re-utilize abandoned houses where possible

  3. Create positive incentives to move families to stronger neighborhoods

  4. Rebuild neighborhood business districts by seizing abandoned storefronts and selling them for nominal fees to entrepreneurs, streamlining the paperwork surrounding a start-up business, providing mentors to businesses, and using foundation grants to help with financing

  5. Streamline the demolition process and better prioritize which buildings should be targeted for demolition

  6. Address illegal scrappers and scrap yards

  7. Better enforce city codes through fines, liens and seizures

  8. Move squatters and create new city codes that encourage property maintenance

  9. Seize abandoned buildings owned by banks, as well as individuals

  10. Create ways to better deal with vacant lots so they can be reused or sold to neighbors for a nominal fee

Work Experience


  • Detroit Catholic Central High School

  • University of Michigan Bachelor's Degree

  • University of Michigan Law School




Candidate website: DugganforDetroit

Q & A With Detroit Mayoral Candidate Mike Duggan / BlacDetroit.com (10/2013)

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