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List of 2013 Adult Halloween Parties and Events in Detroit

Costume Dance Parties, Halloween-Themed Shows and Special Dinners


Halloween isn't just for kids; it's for the kid in all of us. Bars, theaters and restaurants throughout the Metro-Detroit area have something special planned for the holiday, whether it be a special dinner, show, display, seance or party. In addition to haunted houses, adults can attend one of the many 2013 Halloween Parties and Events in Detroit:

Ann Arbor: Brandywine Cemetery

When: October 30th and 31st
Where: 2727 Brandywine Street, Ann Arbor
What: Brandywine Cemetery is a simulated graveyard that includes a collection of art work, sculptures and animatronics, including gargoyles and Hollywood props.

Detroit: Evil Dead The Musical

When: October 5th through 26th
Where: City Theatre
What: If you liked the 1980's cult classic Evil Dead directed by Sam Raimi and starring Bruce Campbell, you'll love this musical version.

Detroit: Wednesday 13 Tour 2013

When: October 17th
Where: Harpos, Detroit
What: Harpos hosts the Wednesday 13 Tour For Those About to Rot that includes performances by Mortified Mortician and Gold Blue Rebels .

Detroit: The Flying Dutchman

When: October 19th, 23rd, 25th, 26th and 27th
Where: Detroit Opera House
What: The opera The Flying Dutchman is a story about a ghost sea captain that must find a faithful wife to escape from his curse. The music and libretto are by Richard Wagner. 

Detroit: Insance Clown Posse

When: October 31st
Where: The Fillmore
What: Whether or not they call it Hallowicked, the Insance Clown Posse  likes spending the holiday in Detroit. 

Holly: Ghost Hunt

When: October 21st and 31st
Where: Historic Holly Hotel
What: A seasoned paranormal investigator will lead participants on a ghost hunt with scientific equipment and recording devices. Cost is $48 to $58 per person depending on when you make reservation.  

Holly: A Victorian Seance

When: October 24th through 30th
Where: Historic Holly Hotel
What: One of Michigan’s most renowned haunted locations will host a seance every night of the week leading up to Halloween. To help celebrate the season, the restaurant (and former Inn) will have a special haunted dinner menu. 

Novi: Haunted Kingdom

When: October 26th
Where: The Suburban Collection Showplace, Novi
What: The Suburban Collection hosts the biggest Halloween party ever to grace the Metro Detroit area and maybe the world -- at least according to the party's organizers. Whether or not the party sets a Guinness World Record in 2013, it promises a good time with dancing, entertainment, and fortune tellers.

Royal Oak: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

When: October 25th through 26th
Where: The Main Art Theatre, Royal Oak
What: Come do the time warp again at this midnight screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a cult classic that musically tells the story of a couple that happen upon the home of a mad transvestite scientist. Don't forget to bring an umbrella and rice!

More Bar and Night Club Parties

When: October
Where: Bars and clubs in and around Detroit
What: Halloween parties 

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