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2013 Detroit Thanksgiving Guide

Black Friday Sales and Parade Activities


As the weather cools and Christmas looms, Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season with a big dinner, great sales and football. It's best to plan ahead to navigate the weekend right with the 2013 Detroit Thanksgiving Guide.

2013 America's Thanksgiving Parade

Still here after all these years, America's Thanksgiving Parade has several unique features. It also has several partner activities and satellite events, including the Turkey Trot, Hob Nobble Gobble and A Day in Paradeland.


Detroit Lions Thanksgiving-Day Football

If you think about football on Thanksgiving Day, the Detroit Lions naturally come to mind. They've hosted a game on Thanksgiving Day since 1934 -- with varying levels of success. On Thanksgiving Day in 2013, Ford Field in downtown Detroit hosts the Detroit Lions vs. Green Bay Packers at 12:30 PM

Restaurants Open for Thanksgiving

Several restaurants in the Metro Detroit area are open for Thanksgiving. While most offer a Thanksgiving buffet, many have a special menu for the holiday.

Take-Out Options for Thanksgiving Dinner

Turkey to go is easier than ever. There are several options throughout the Metro-Detroit area for a take-out Thanksgiving dinner, from prepared feasts to a la carte turkeys or hams.

Tree Lighting Ceremonies

The holiday season kicks off in the weeks surrounding Thanksgiving. Several communities around the Metro-Detroit area make it official with tree-lighting ceremonies.

Santa and Christmas Parades

Santa makes a big entrance in several communities and cities in the Metro-Detroit area when he arrives in a sleigh to the music of marching bands, the dazzle of Christmas lights and the pageantry of floats.

Information About Black Friday Sales in Detroit

The day after Thanksgiving is a paid holiday for many, so where better to "spend" it than a Detroit store or mall offering exceptional deals. Information and tips help prepare you for the biggest shopping day of the year.

History of Detroit's Holiday Traditions

In addition to hosting one of the biggest, most-respected Thanksgiving parades in the nation, Detroit is remembered for special holiday displays at the Hudson's Department Store and the Ford Rotunda.

Movie Theater Guide

Taking in a holiday block buster is a great way to entertain your out-of-town guests over the Thanksgiving weekend.

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