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List of Detroit Red Wing Stanley Cup Victories

History of Champions


Certain names come to mind in association with the Detroit Red Wings -- Gordie Howe, Steve Yzerman -- but there are many more players who helped the team secure a Stanley Cup during its long history. The team managed to win the Stanley Cup 11 times, and all of the Detroit Red Wings Stanley Cup victories are listed below.

1935-36 Against Toronto Maple Leafs

The team's name changed for the 1932-33 season from the Detroit Falcons to the Detroit Red Wings, and it only took a couple of seasons for the Red Wings (now coached by Jack Adams) to find some Stanley Cup success. Of course, the acquisition of Marty Barry in 1935 didn't hurt. In addition to Barry, notable players on the 1935-36 team included Herbie Lewis, Larry Aurie, Syd Howe, defenseman Ebbie Goodfellow and goalie Normie Smith.

1936-37 Against New York Rangers

The Red Wings were the first NHL team to win the Stanley Cup in consecutive years. Marty Barry continued to be a key player in the 1936-37 season. Other notable players included Larry Aurie, Herbie Lewis, Syd Howe and goalie Normie Smith.

1942-43 Against Boston Bruins

Notable players included Carl Liscombe, Joe Carveth, Sid Abel, Syd Howe, goal-leader Modere "Mud" Bruneteau and goalie Johnny Mowers.

1949-50 Against New York Rangers

The beginning of a legendary run, the Stanley Cup win of the 1949-50 season would be the first of four for the Red Wings in the 1950s. The players racking up the score even merited their own unique moniker: the Production Line (in homage to the Motor City). For the 1949-50 season, the production line included players Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay and Sid Abel. Red Kelly and Goalie Terry Sawchuk were also key to the Stanley Cup success.

1951-52 Against Montreal Canadiens

Undefeated during the playoffs, the Red Wings' Production Line continued with Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay and Alex Delvecchio. Other notable players included Metro Prystai, Red Kelly and Goalie Terry Sawchuk. Jack Adams was still the coach.

1953-54 Against Montreal Canadiens

The Red Wings and their now infamous Production Line again proved victorious with Gordie Howe, Alex Delvecchio and Ted Lindsay. Tony Leswick scored the winning goal that earned the Red Wings the Stanley Cup in 1954.

1954-55 Against Montreal Canadiens

The Production Line in the 1954-55 season included Gordie Howe, Alex Delvecchio and Ted Lindsay. Again, Red Kelly and goalie Terry Sawchuk were instrumental.

1996-97 Against Philadelphia Flyers

The success of the 1996-97 season was the result of a build up of talent over several years. Key players included Captain Steve Yzerman, Nicklas Lidstrom, Vladimir Konstantinov (later seriously injured in a limo accident), Sergei Fedorov, Brendan Shanahan, Igor Larionov, Larry Murphy, Darren McCarty and goalies Mike Vernon and Chris Osgood. Of course, it didn't hurt that the Red Wings scored Scotty Bowman as coach.

1997-98 Against Washington Capitals

Key players in the 1997-98 season were once again Steve Yzerman, Nicklas Lidstrom, Larry Murphy, Brendan Shanahan and Goalie Chris Osgood. Vyacheslav Kozlov also proved valuable, as did Martin LaPointe, who scored the goal that secured the cup.

2001-02 Against Carolina Hurricanes

Key players during the season and playoffs included Brendan Shanahan, Steve Yzerman, Nicklas Lidstrom, Brett Hull, Sergei Fedorov and goalie Dominic Hasek.

2007-08 Against Pittsburgh Penguins

The start of a new dynasty? In addition to experienced veterans Nicklas Lidstrom and goalie Chris Osgood, key players included Pavel Datsyuk, Henrik Zetterberg and goalie Dominik Hasek.


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