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List of Movies Filmed in Michigan

Michigan Locations and/or Scenes


Upside of Anger (2003)

Drama starring Kevin Costner

The Island (2004)

Thriller by Michael Bay

Life Goes On (2005)

Four Brothers (2005)

Drama starring Mark Wahlberg

Dreamgirls (2006)

Musical set in Motown and starring Eddie Murphy

Transformers (2006)

Thriller by Michael Bay with location in Detroit's abandoned train station, Michigan Central Depot

Jumper (2007)

Thriller with scenes in Ann Arbor

Semi Pro (2007)

Comedy with Will Ferrell set in Flint

Whip It (In Production)

Drew Barrymore directed movie starring Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page, Juliette Lewis and Jimmy Fallon

Demoted (In Production)

Comedy with Sean Astin and David Cross
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