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What's new in the Detroit Metro Area? What do residents think about it? And more importantly, what's on TV? Media outlets, TV schedules and a sampling of the news and opinions that affect the people in the Detroit Metro Area are provided.
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Profile of Detroit Mayoral Candidate Benny Napoleon
Detroit Mayoral Candidate Benny Napoleon - Information and Profile of Detroit Mayoral Candidate Benny Napoleon

Profile of Detroit Mayoral Candidate Mike Duggan

Information About the Michigan 2012 Ballot Proposals
Michigan 2012 Ballot Proposals – Information About Michigan 2012 Ballot Proposals, including Prop-1, a referendum regarding the Emergency Manager Law; Prop-2, an amendment to protect Michigan's Collective Bargaining Powers; Prop-3, an amendment to require Michigan Utilities to obtain 25% of electricity from renewable energy sources including...

Rock Radio Stations in Detroit - List of Classic Rock Radio Stations in Detroit
Rock Radio Stations in Detroit - List of Classic Rock Radio Stations in Detroit

Review of Annie's Ghost
Annie's Ghost - Review of Annie's Ghost by Steve Luxenberg, senior editor of the Washington Post and Pulitzer Prize Winner. The book is about his personal investigation into Annie Cohen, a woman committed to Eloise Hospital in Detroit

Detroit Videos - Reviews of Detroit Videos
Detroit videos add reviews review recommend links youtube

Recommended Detroit Videos
There are several depositories for videos on the internet these days (with YouTube the most well known). Sorting through the sheer volume of videos, however, is a time consuming process. To help you out, here are some tried and true Detroit video recommendations set out by category.

List of Memorable Detroit Commercials
You have to be "from Detroit" to appreciate a few of these commercials, especially as Highland Appliance and Boblo Island are no longer with us and Bill Bonds hasn't anchored for WXYZ in quite a while. Even so, these memorable Detroit commercials will trap a jingle or two in your head.

Newspapers and Magazines Serving the Detroit Metro Area
Whether you're looking for daily news, monthly restaurant reviews or home decorating tips, Detroit has a publication that suits your needs. Information about each publication, its schedule and area of service is listed below.

TV Icons of the 1960s and 70s
Growing up in Detroit meant grabbing a bar of soap on Devil's Night, developing a love for Sander's hot fudge, riding the boat to Bob-Lo, and knowing the TV channel lineup backwards and forwards -- all seven channels of programming. As any Detroiter will tell you, certain local TV characters and personalities stole the show.

Detroit's Bill Bonds
Profile of a news anchor who wasn't afraid to show he was human.

Detroit's Bozo the Clown
Profile of a clown among clowns. Art Cervi was the man beneath the makeup in Detroit.

Opinion: Focus is Once Again on Mayor Kilpatrick
Opinion/Editorial: Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick's knack for putting himself in a compromising position often overshadows his accomplishments.

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