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Pictures and Review of Ford Rouge Factory Tour


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Assembly Line Walking Tour
Ford Rouge Center

Ford Rouge Center

Photo © Laura Sternberg, Licensed to About.com

The Ford Rouge Factory Tour is self-guided and consists of five sections. While the five sections explore various aspects of automobile production, the most interesting part is watching the assembly of the Ford F-150 truck from an elevated walkway that loops through a portion of the factory floor.

While there are video screens, panels and interactive exhibits along the walkway that provide information about the entire production process, they just wet your appetite to see the stages of the assembly line that fall outside of the viewing area. For instance, one panel gives you information about the portion of the line wherein the newly assembled F-150 is put through its paces in various weather conditions and over rocks and faux cobblestone streets. Unfortunately, you don’t get to actually see this part. You do, however, get to see a robotic arm place a windshield and the testing of electrical systems.

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