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Speeding in Michigan

Speed Limits, Enforcement Methods and Fines


Updated June 30, 2014

Whether you're in Michigan for business or pleasure, it is a good idea to know the state's unique rules of the road so you don't accidentally run afoul of a law and incur a big fine. As you cross the border into the state, whether it be from Canada, Ohio, Indiana or Wisconsin, you should know the following about what constitutes speeding in Michigan:

Speed Limit

While the maximum speed limit in some states is inching up to 75 MPH, Michigan's maximum speed limit is 70 MPH (60 MPH for trucks). While most freeways in the state are posted at 70 MPH, there are still a few that are 65 MPH.


So what happens if your foot gets a little heavy? Truth be told, the flow of traffic is fairly high on Michigan freeways, at least in the suburbs surrounding Detroit. In other words, many Michiganders consider the maximum speed posted along freeways as more of a guideline than a strict rule. According to the National Motorists Association, Michigan was ranked 25th in the nation in 2010 for the likelihood of getting a speeding ticket.

While Michigan does have some known speed traps, it has yet to adopt some of the "new-fangled" technologies utilized in other states. According to the Governors Highway Safety Association, the state has not yet authorized speed cameras to capture traffic infractions/violations. In other words, you won't be broadsided by a ticket in the mail.

While the state isn't employing camera technology to help catch speeders, you, as a driver, are free to use technology to avoid being caught. In other words, Radar Detectors are permissible within the state, at least according to the Michigan State Police. That being said, please note that Radar Jammers are illegal by FCC rule.


The state is also somewhat lenient when it comes to fines. According to Jalopnik, ten states (none of which are Michigan) have fines of over $500 for speeding. In fact, Virginia (at least as of 2007) has a first time ticket fine of $1,500. While Michigan does have a mandatory fine for highway or freeway speeding, it is much easier on the pocketbook. Depending on just how excessive the speed, the mandatory fine ranges from $10 to $50.

Note: If you're from out of state and get caught speeding, the police officer can take your drivers license, $100, or a guaranteed appearance certificate to make sure you show up for your court date.

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