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Tour of Far West Suburbs Detroit


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The Village Theater at Cherry Hill

The Village Theater at Cherry Hill

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Continuous Growth

Settled in 1825 and a six-mile-square township by 1834, Canton was known primarily for its dairy and corn farming. In fact, it was once known as the "Sweet Corn Capital of Michigan." In the last couple of decades, however, Canton's plum location off of I-275 and open space for development made it an attractive location for new home construction and businesses, such as IKEA and Yazaki North America.

Identity and Innovation

As its farmland shrank, taking its corn legacy along with it, Canton wanted a new identity. It found it in its dedication to recreation and leisure. Canton Township operates two golf clubs, a softball center, a soccer complex and The Summit, a 95,000-square-foot recreation and conference center.

Canton is also a pioneer in community development. With Cherry Hill Village, Canton created its own 1930's era downtown, complete with village square, shops and even a performing arts center, The Village Theater at Cherry Hill.

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