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How Does the Metro Detroit Area Measure Up?

Best, Most, Safest, Smartest


#12 Best Business Climate (Michigan)

According to Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, Michigan was ranked 12th out of the 50 states by Site Selection Magazine for business climate. Detroit is credited as a major factor in the ranking because it is in the initial stages of a rebirth, attracting new college-educated residents and new construction.

#25 Top College (University of Michigan)

According to the U.S. News, University of Michigan is ranked 25th nationally.

#25 Best Destination for Art

According to WWJ.com, readers of AmericanStyle Magazine ranked Detroit in its top 25 destinations for Art.

#37 Best Place to Live in the Nation (Plymouth Township)

According to Money Magazine in 2007, Plymouth Township ranked as the 37th best place to live in the nation. Farmington (55) also made the top 100.

#43 Most Romantic

According to Bestplaces.net, Detroit ranks 43rd in their list of the top 50 cities for romance.

#78 Best Skyline in the World

Emporis.com ranked Detroit's skyline as the 78th best in the world. The ranking was based in part on the city's collection of 1920s and 30s buildings.
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