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Detroit Neighborhoods and Cities


In addition to the British and French who originally fought over the area, Detroit is home to many ethnicities. Immigrants from Ireland, Germany and Canada arrived in the mid 1800s to farm. Laborers from all over the southern states and Europe arrived in the early 1900s to work in the auto industry. More recently, Asian and Hispanic populations have increased.

The result of the ebbs and flows of population throughout the area is a thriving cultural landscape made up of many unique and exciting neighborhoods and cities, each of which has its own history, identity and make up.
  1. City of Detroit
  2. Wayne County
  3. Oakland County
  4. Macomb County
  5. Outlying Areas

City of Detroit

Spirit of Detroit and Renaissance Center in Downtown Detroit

Downtown Detroit is the hub of the Metro Detroit Area. Its center borders the Detroit River and its streets stretch out like spokes into the surrounding suburbs.

Wayne County

Cherry Hill Market in Canton

Downtown Detroit sits in Wayne County. The county encompasses approximately 672 square miles and contains a wide variety of neighborhoods, cities and townships, including Grosse Pointe to the east and Plymouth/Canton to the west. Its northern boundary is 8 Mile Road.

Oakland County

Downtown Royal Oak

One of the wealthiest counties in the country, Oakland County is home to automation alley and several Fortune 500 companies. It borders Wayne County to the north at 8 Mile Road.

Macomb County

The smallest of the three counties that make up the Metro Detroit Area, Macomb is located northeast of Wayne County. It is bordered on the east by Lake St. Clair and the west by Oakland County. While its economy is traditionally based on manufacturing, its service sector is growing.

Outlying Areas

Windsor Skyline

The Detroit Metro Area is generally considered to include Wayne, Oakland and Macomb Counties. As the suburbs grow, however, they encroach on counties lying adjacent. Of course, several cities and tourists attractions are located nearby and serve as points of destination for Metro Detroiters.

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