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December Weather in Detroit

Temperatures, Records, Sunshine, Rain and Snow


The winter season in Metro Detroit is typically cold and snowy. According to NOAA National Data Centers, December starts the big freeze in Detroit with temperatures averaging 29.6 degrees.

Temperatures: Typically, December is freezing in Detroit, literally. On average, 26 days of the month see temperatures of 32 degrees or lower. In fact, the average temperature range is 23.4 to 35.9 degrees. That's not to say there are no exceptions. In fact, Detroit has seen both highs of 69 degrees and lows of -10 in the month.

Snow? That all depends. On average, 13 days of the month have some type of precipitation -- snow, sleet, rain -- for a total of 2.51 inches.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day? In December, the sun is only an occasional visitor and the possibility of sunshine is only about 31% (an all-year low). Out of 31 days in the month, Detroit typically sees three clear days, six partly-cloudy days and 22 cloudy days.
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