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October Weather in Detroit

Temperatures, Records, Sunshine, Rain


The fall season in southeast Michigan typically gets underway in October, but nothing is guaranteed. According to NOAA National Data Centers, the average temperature in October is 51.9 degrees.

Temperatures: Typically, October Weather in Detroit is characterized by cooler temperatures, falling leaves and the occasional gust of winter wind. While the month averages four days of freezing temperatures, 90-degree days are still possible. While the average temperature range is 42.5 to 61.2 degrees, Detroit has seen both highs of 91 degrees and lows of 17 degrees in the month.

Snow? Rain? That all depends, but whatever form the precipitation takes -- snow, sleet, rain -- the Metro-Detroit area starts seeing a little less of it at 2.23 inches. On average, nine days of the month have some type of precipitation.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day? In October, the possibility of sunshine is about 51%. Out of 31 days in the month, Detroit typically sees eight clear days, nine partly-cloudy days and 15 cloudy days.
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