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List of Easy-Care Annuals for Detroit, Michigan


Annuals live only until the first frost and then die. Their life cycle (in Michigan) is spring through fall. Since they have color the entire season, a good garden will usually have some annuals mixed in to brighten it up when no perennials are in bloom. To get you started, here is a list of some easy-care annuals for Detroit, Michigan.

1. Moonflowers

Moonflowers are fragrant white or pink flowers that grow on a twining vine. The blooms are four to six inches across and the plant has large leaves.

6. Begonias

Begonias bloom often and have attractive green or chocolate colored leaves. The plant also tolerates shade well.

7. Verbena

Verbena grows in clumps that reach six-to-ten inches tall. The flowers are small and can be mauve, purple, white, pink or blue. They have five petals and bloom out of spikes.

8. Cosmos

Shorter varieties
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