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Review of Plymouth's 1999 Tavern Restaurant


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The 1999 Tavern is ideally located in downtown Plymouth. In addition to its creative menu and warm atmosphere, it has live entertainment on the weekends and a garage area that can be open to the sidewalk along Forest Avenue in the summer months.


The 1999 Tavern is a pub-style restaurant located in a storefront along Forest Avenue in downtown Plymouth. It is decorated in warm reds and yellows with faux gas light fixtures. The main dining room has a roaring fireplace on one wall and is populated with high-backed, padded booths and several groupings of wooden tables and chairs. There is also a beautiful, long bar that leads into the “garage,” a dining area that can be opened to the outside (via an enormous garage door) in the summer months. While available for dining, the tables in the area are high-seated bar rounds.

The 1999 Tavern has sometimes suffered from an identity crisis over the years. Originally, it was decorated with several TVs, including a large flat-screen television located over its roaring fireplace, and advertised as a sports bar in radio advertisements. The problem, however, was that it didn’t have enough TVs available to truly offer the game-watching choice available at a true sports bar. The concept also clashed with the upscale dining-room atmosphere.


The menu is creatively arranged on a clip board with multiple sheets of lined paper. Over time dishes are swapped in an out, which, while keeping the menu fresh, results in the loss of some favorites like the Wild Mushroom AuGratin appetizer dip served with toast triangles and chips. Note: The pages of the menu should also be swapped out as they become stained and creased.

The actual food options available are unique and well made with a wide variety of appetizers, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, pastas and entrees. While the menu is creative and varied, it is obvious pesto is well liked by the chef and can be found on pizza selections, as well as the tavern’s version of grilled cheese. The appetizer section has more selections than all of the other categories on the menu with choices that include beer-battered, fried pickles; sliders; and shrimp cocktails. The sandwiches at Tavern 1999 are very-reasonably priced for lunch and the options run the gamut from Coach’s Weiner – get your mind out of the gutter, it is a bacon-wrapped sausage sandwich – to a chicken-salad wrap.

The tuna melt is served toasted on your choice of bread with a heavy layer of cheddar cheese. It is a nice-sized sandwich and a good value. All sandwiches are served with chips, but French fries are available for an additional fee.

The Tavern also has a nice dessert menu. The bread pudding is a real treat but can get stale when ordered too long after it was originally made.


Waiters are friendly, prompt and knowledgeable about the menu.
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