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Los Galanes Mexican Restaurant in Detroit's Mexican Town

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Los Galanes Mexican Restaurant in Mexican Town serves authentic Mexican dishes in a warm and festive atmosphere. The location is easily accessible, and the prices are very reasonable.

Location and Atmosphere

Los Galanes Restaurante Mexicano is located in Detroit’s Mexican Town, a small enclave of Mexican restaurants and businesses. Most of the businesses are located along one block of Bagley Street, a neighborhood southwest of the Michigan Central Depot and just a block or two from the Vernor Highway exit of I-75.

Los Galanes provides customers with a monitored parking lot very close to the Vernor Highway exit. The entrance to the restaurant itself is located at the corner of Bagley Street and 23rd Street. A wide, covered sidewalk along 23rd Street connects the parking lot to the restaurant’s entrance. In the summer months, it is transformed into an outside dining area.

The restaurant itself is decorated so as to give diners the illusion of an outside patio. It has brick archways decorated with fairy lights, paper flags strung along the ceiling, and a couple of faux, terracotta clay tiled roofs that cut into the dining area. The only threat to the illusion is a brightly lit kitchen at the back of one of the main dining areas. The seating in the dining rooms is made up of wooden tables with colorful tablecloths and colorfully decorated ladder-back chairs. On a Saturday night, there was a nice mix of people, with families, young people on dates and large groups.


Los Galanes has traditional Mexican dishes, including several soups, salads and even a separate breakfast menu. It also includes specialties like goat, stir-fried cactus and mango chicken. Unlike the many of the suburban chains, the dishes rely on the blend of fresh ingredients and powerful spices rather than huge portions, pools of sauce and layers of melted cheese. Prices are very reasonable. In fact, a family of five can eat dinner for under $50 ($60 with drinks). There is also a kids menu, as well as hamburger options for diners not wanting Mexican fare. While the restaurant has a full bar, margaritas are its specialty.


The chicken chimichanga dish consisted of two tortillas filled with chicken and then dunked (rather than dropped for an extended period of time) into a deep fryer. This gave the edges of the tortillas some crunch but is a departure from the bubbly, crisp chimichangas served elsewhere. Unlike the large eggroll-like versions, often filled to overflowing with chicken, Los Galanes' chimichangas are more about the blend of fresh ingredients, which include a topping of rancherito sauce, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, and guacamole.

The wet burrito was grilled on a flat grill rather than baked. This was apparent in the way the burrito was browned on the outside. This also allowed the filling mix – chicken, beans, onion, cilantro, sauce -- to be evenly warmed. The real standout, however, was the sauce, which was sharp and flavorful.

Most of the dishes at Los Galanes are served with rice and refried beans. The rice was very flavorful and different. It had a coarse texture that seemed to absorb the sauce. The refried beans were tasty but too pureed.

The fried ice cream was served as a perfect ball of vanilla ice cream covered in a mix of sugar and cinnamon mix. While beautifully presented with dollops of whip cream and a perfect envelope of caramel, the outer coating ended up soggy and too thick.


Our party was sat immediately on a Saturday night. The waitress was friendly, and the meals were served promptly.
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