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Review of Hydrangea Kitchen in Grosse Pointe

Bottom Line

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By Nancy Jones

Hydrangea Kitchen is a small, casual restaurant serving elegant soups, sandwiches and their specialty, Belgian Fries. It is located in an attractive, hidden shopping area on Fisher Road in Grosse Pointe.


  • Fresh, made to order food
  • Quaint shopping area
  • Outdoor dining


  • Difficult on-street parking
  • Small, limited menu
  • Questionable service


  • No alcohol
  • Self serve
  • Lunch/breakfast served daily


Hydrangea Kitchen is a small restaurant, charmingly decorated in Hydrangea Blue with white accents, not over-cluttered, very simple and with a French-country feel. The small room can get loud. Dining outside on a pleasant day is a treat, since the surrounding area is attractive and has a well-maintained landscape. While the cafe's hours are somewhat limited as it is mostly a breakfast/lunch spot, it is open until 7 on some nights. Hydrangea Kitchen is a good place for a quick, high-quality lunch and captures the flavor of the Grosse Pointe area.


The menu is small, featuring sandwiches, soups, breakfast sandwiches, the beloved Maurice Salad from the now-defunct Hudson’s restaurant, and the specialty of Belgian Fries.

Individual Dishes

The Belgian Fries are the standout here and the best reason for coming. They are fresh-cut, crisp and brown, cooked twice in the Belgian manner, and served with a choice of three sauces for dipping: habanero ketchup, aioli, and a rosemary mayonnaise. The only complaint is the portion size, which was a little small for the price. The Club Sandwich is served with real sliced roast turkey, excellent quality bacon and local fresh tomatoes. The Maurice Salad was just like the original with the same tangy dressing and julienned strips of ham and turkey. It was very fresh and well-done. The Detroit Cheesesteak, although a generous portion size, suffered from large pieces of gristle in the meat. The Tomato Basil soup was excellent, with a rich roasted tomato flavor and spicy basil accent. Presentation for all items was elegant and attractive.

The cookies and pastries served with the meal -- brownies, oatmeal-raisin cookies -- were delicious. They were were all fresh baked with a buttery, home-made taste.


On the first visit, opening day, service was wonderful, very attentive and quick. The chef came out and discussed the food with us and sent a complimentary plate of desserts. We had difficulty getting the bill, however, and the staff appeared disorganized. On subsequent visits, the service has changed to placing the order at the counter, and the food is brought to your table. Not so charming and still a little disorganized.

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