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Review of Weber's Inn Restaurant in Ann Arbor

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Despite a less-than-impressive exterior, the restaurant at Weber's Inn in Ann Arbor opens up into a spacious, unique dining area. Nicely presented dishes, creative recipes, large portions, conscientious service, and a warm atmosphere make for an excellent meal at this historic, fine-dining restaurant.


Despite recent renovation, the exterior of Weber's Inn in Ann Arbor still manages to remind one of a 1970s Holiday Inn. This just makes the grand entrance into the large, cavernous space of the restaurant's dining room more of a nice surprise. The cathedral ceiling is highly pitched and filled with a crisscross of wooden beams that are painted in light beige and a host of modern, tiered-drum chandeliers. During daylight hours, the upper reaches glow with natural light. A ledge at the base of the ceiling lines the dining room and is decorated with birch trees and small evergreens, reflecting the natural landscape of the Ann Arbor area.

The light and airy upper reaches of the dining room contrast nicely with the darker decoration at floor level. In addition to the dark woods used in the trim, wainscoting, tables, chairs, and bar, the carpet is done in dark green and the booths upholstered in burgundy. Two large, stained-glass windows add even more interest and light.


The restaurant at Weber's Inn specializes in prime rib, steak and seafood. That being said, the lunch menu includes a large variety of salads and sandwiches for lunch, including an Angus Burger for $7.95. Whether sandwich or entree, however, each dish is artfully presented with an eye to color and texture.


The meal at Weber's Restaurant started with a basket of homemade bread delivered to the table. While the type of bread varied, the thinly sliced, long pieces of soft-white bread made a great choice for Weber's infamous salmon spread. Note: While standard at dinner, you may have to ask nicely for the salmon spread at lunch. The spread was presented like a scoop of butter and had a nice salmon flavor without being too fishy or salty. In addition to the basket of bread, each dish was served with a thick, nicely toasted piece of garlic bread.

The Lobster Grilled Cheese at Weber's Inn managed a unique spin on a traditional favorite. Rather than the usual suspect, the chef used Brie Cheese, giving the sandwich an unexpected creaminess that contrasted nicely with the moist and colorful chunks of lobster. The Brie, while perhaps blander than expected, let the subtle flavors of the lobster come through. The sandwich was perfectly toasted and buttered. In fact, the thick slices of bread managed a crisp bite with a soft finish. Unfortunately, the lobster seemed to be scooped into the middle of the sandwich, resulting in an uneven distribution and some lobster-less bites. Stray leaves of fresh basil were a nice touch and added flavor and color.

In addition to roasted french fries, the grilled cheese sandwich was served with a large cup of tomato soup. Weber's version of tomato soup, however, went well beyond average. The addition of cream and butter made the soup more of a bisque and gave it a rich, creamy texture that enhanced the zing of the tomato. Small chunks of fresh tomato made for a nice texture contrast.


The waitress, clad in shirt, tie and apron, was friendly and prompt. Water glasses were kept filled and the courses well paced. Best of all, the waitress managed to give every diner in our 14-person party a separate bill with little fuss.

Tips and Notes

  • Ample parking
  • Large, airy dining room
  • Expert staff
  • Beautiful presentation
  • Large portions
  • Restaurant dates back to 1937
  • Bread made on site
  • Sunday brunch buffet
  • Known for large selection of wines.
  • The lounge has live entertainment 7 days a week.
  • Restaurant has an outside terrace in the warmer months.
  • As part of hotel, the restaurant serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Specials menu changes biweekly.
  • Several fresh fish dishes
  • Coffee selections include espresso and lattes.
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