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The Pantry Restaurant in Sterling Heights

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The Bottom Line

A long-time local favorite, the Pantry Restaurant is family owned and operated, has a diner atmosphere and is renowned for its breakfast, especially its Apple Pancakes.

Note: The Pantry is only open for breakfast and lunch (6 a.m. to 4 p.m.)


  • Great for Breakfast
  • Local flavor
  • Apple and German pancakes
  • Easy parking


  • Long lines on weekends


  • Diner-type restaurant renowned for its breakfast and deli menus
  • Kids menu
  • Healthy sandwich menu

Guide Review - The Pantry Restaurant in Sterling Heights

The Pantry is a diner-type restaurant well known for its breakfast menu. In fact, long lines fill the sidewalk out front on weekends. The long and narrow restaurant is mainly made up of booths and has a cash register by the front door. It is located in the corner storefront of a plaza along Van Dyke.


While the breakfast menu includes Fresh Fruit Crepes, German Pancakes, Belgium Waffles and Omelets, the restaurant is best known for its oven-baked Apple Pancake. The Apple Pancake looks like a decadently filled funnel cake topped with whipped cream and is the type of concoction that should earn you a t-shirt upon finishing it. Of course, the restaurant also has a large variety of pancakes, including sweet potato and Texas flap jacks.

Once upon a time, the Spinach and Cheese Omelet was served with a mushroom sherry sauce. According to the waitress, however, the sauce was a casualty of the economy. When times are tough, a restaurant can either choose to cut back on the cost of ingredients or raise its prices. In the Pantry’s case, the sauce is missing in action, but the omelet's White Brick cheese made up for its loss. The creamy, white cheese added a unique flavor to the omelet, giving it a sweet quality wholly apart from the sharpness of Swiss. The choice of cheese, abundant use of spinach and whipped-egg-and-browned cooking method made the omelet a standout. The dollar-sized pancakes that came as a side to the omelet, however, were a little overdone.

While breakfast is the Pantry’s specialty, there is a “Deli” in its official title. This means that it also serves creatively named sandwiches for lunch, as well as salads, home-made soups, burgers and entrees. There is even a section of the menu devoted to healthy selections; although it is essentially a handful of sandwiches prepared with low-fat ingredients and analyzed for calories, fat and carbohydrates.


The waitress was very friendly and open to questions about the menu. Additionally, water glasses and coffee cups were kept full.

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