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2012 Detroit Christmas Shopping Guide

Gift Ideas and Shopping Destinations


"Don't Mess With the Mitten" T-Shirt

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Updated December 21, 2012
Christmas and Hanukkah are right around the corner, so it's time to start making out your shopping list. In the 2012 Detroit Christmas Shopping Guide, you'll find information about gift ideas, special sales, store hours and shopping options.

Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday Hours/Sales

Love it or hate it, Christmas shopping starts on or about Thanksgiving Day in Metro Detroit. Check out the stores and malls open on Thanksgiving Day, store hours on Black Friday, and Holiday hours at local malls.

Coupons and Holiday Sales

To get the best present for the price, check out some of our ideas for a Cheap Christmas in Detroit, including in-store coupons, layaway, stores with special deals/offers and outlet stores.

Detroit and Michigan Gift Ideas:

  • Michigan-Stamped Products -- It isn't marketing Michigan unless the t-shirt, coffee mug or hat includes a snappy phrase or a Michigan map. For instance, the Don't Mess With the Mitten t-shirt or sweatshirt makes a great gift.

  • Produced in Detroit and/or Michigan -- It might be fan spirit or the ingredients for a great dish, but it is produced locally and can result in a great gift. The list includes show tickets, sports merchandise, recipe books, music anthologies, and local spas.

  • Experience Gifts in Detroit -- There are plenty of opportunities to gift an experience or adventure in the Metro-Detroit area (or thereabouts). Check out some ideas for Unique Adventure and Experience Gift ideas in Detroit, including driving a stock car, flying a helicopter and glass-blowing lessons.

  • Unique Stores and Gifts -- If you are looking to think outside the box for gift ideas, check out this list of unique stores and products in or around the Metro-Detroit area.

Shopping Options:

  • List of Stores Featuring Detroit and/or Michigan Products -- Several local stores base their business on Detroit and/or Michigan-inspired merchandise. Whatever your pleasure, there are products aplenty that reflect the area. The list below includes brick-n-mortar stores located in the Metro-Detroit area.

  • List of Metro-Detroit Shopping Malls and Centers -- One of the nation's first regional shopping centers was developed in Southfield. From then on, malls have just gotten bigger and better. They now dot the Metro Detroit Area.

  • Profiles and/or reviews of relatively new store chains in the Metro-Detroit area:

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